YUI’s Birthday Fanbook Project


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Here is your chance to show YUI your love by sending her a Birthday Message!
Time is short so don’t wait. (Read the full article)

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YUI’s Birthday Fanbook Project
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YUI’s birthday, March 26, is approaching quickly. We have decided to create a fanbook to send her this year. We need to hurry.
For the fanbook, we are asking everyone to create ONE PAGE. That is ONE PAGE from YOU to YUI. You create that page…..anything you want.

Hey Lurkers….you can join too!!

What to put on your page?

It might be a simple birthday greeting.
It might be an elaborate birthday card.
It might be your life story of how you became her fan.
It might be pictures of you or your city.
It might be your own artwork, poetry, creative writing, photography, or anything else artistic.
It might just be…
“YUI, I Love Your Music”
“Happy Birthday”
It can be whatever you want to put on the page, it’s entirely up to you.
The only required elements are your YUI Lover user name and your country. Don’t forget to add these somewhere on the page. Oh, and don’t forget to say “Happy Birthday!”
A few pointers though….

Higher resolution is better for printing to avoid pixelation or too small of image on the page.
(300dpi resolution)
If you wish to draw or paint something by hand, just scan it when you are finished.
Ids will be coordinating this project, and the deadline for submissions will be March 10.

You can submit your page by PM to Ids or by emailing to him at

We are discussing this further in the forum.
Join, Join, Join !!!
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