?We want a Live Tour DVD!? Campaign


?We want a Live Tour DVD!? Campaign!

We are carrying out a big campaign with several other YUI fan communities.

In short, Let’s post in YUI-net and ask them to please release the DVD… EVERYDAY!
That’s all we can do to make them change their minds.

We already know, from Hisashi Kondo himself, that Sony have not decided wether will they release HITS tour DVD or not. Why? We have no idea, but maybe they think it won’t sell as much as they would like to?
Let’s show them that in YUI lover really support YUI with all our heart… and wallets!

Also, answer this simple poll honestly to let them know how bad and how long have we been waiting for this release.

[poll id=”6″]

And please check this thread in the forum for more details >>> READ THIS IMPORTANT INFORMATION!