Complete YUI-Lover Challenge and Win GREEN & ORANGE GARDEN POP!



Complete YUI-Lover Challenge and win ORANGE & GREEN GARDEN POP Limited Edition!!

That’s right!

In celebration(?) of YUI’s retirement short hiatus, we will give one copy of GREEN GARDEN POP and ORANGE GARDEN POP Limited Editions!!

For each challenge, you need to post in the official thread in the forum. One post per user!
(You can edit your post as you complete the challenges.)
The more points you earn, the more chances to win!

Challenge 1: (earns 1 point) Post what is your favorite song from each album (GREEN and ORANGE) and tell us why.
Challenge 2: (earns +1 point) What is your favorite YUI Music Video? Which scene? Post a screenshot and describe why.
Challenge 3: (earns +1 point) Share this facebook status to your friends, then post your FB name in the thread so we can confirm.
Challenge 4: (earns +1 point) Spell out YUI with whatever you want and take a picture! (find some friends and spell YUI’s name with your bodies, use toothpicks, flowers, fruit, marbles, etc.)

Each point means your name repeated on a raffle where we will pick two winners. Orange winner and green winner ^^

What are you waiting?!! YUI-Lover first (and maybe last) challenge starts NOW!

Go to the forum to start participating!