YUI, who is going on hiatus by the end of the year, debuts at Kouhaku Uta Gassen as her “Last Stage”



Translated by azmikun

Singer-song writer YUI (25) is going on indefinite hiatus with a lot of musical activities by the end of the year, at 19th has been understood. In that day, in her own website she says the reason is that (through music) she has found something new to challenge, as the preparation for that (she has decided to go on hiatus). YUI, most likely will have her first appearance at NHK Kouhaku uta gassen, and strong possibility that this last day of the month (december) will become her last “recording” before she goes on hiatus.

Sudden annoucement about the hiatus. YUI politely composed with her own handwriting: “In these 8 years activity, I’ve found something new to challenge. My shape might be changed in the future, but I will always enjoy things through my precious music, as preparation for this I’ve decided to have a break”.

By the end of October, YUI sent a report (about hiatus) to her contracted recording company. Speaking about the hiatus, this is the second time. From August 2008 for about 10 months, YUI devoted herself from work. There is no clear explanation about this time’s “New challenge”, the time when she will come back is unknown as well. But, in “I decided this in positive minds” strongly pointis that she will continue her music activity. Until she’s back, she also promised to the fans that she will update her recent status during this break.

Also, she is releasing 2 Best Album in December 5th, because there are no plans of lives with her contracted record company, “Each channel program that gave me an offer by the end of the month, I’ve considered it and decided to perform with positive thinking” She explained. New song “fight” was used as NHK National School Choir Contest Middle School’s theme song, as well as her first performance at Kouhaku Uta Gassen that most likely will become the “Last Stage” before she goes on hiatus.

And, at scheduled “Music Station” of 23rd TV Asahi, she will probably have live announcement to the fans.




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