Hisashi Kondo Dokutsubo (2010.05.26) – Subuta Bentou


799 Subuta Bentou

Translated by azmikun and Kikino!

Today, Me and YUI’s PURIPURO work!!

??? ??????????????????
Well… It just as usual
Again, something trivial
Fight(?).,, It’s not really a fight but…

??????????? ?????????
Also, It’s not something to make a joke about.

????? ????????????
The recording have come to its climax,
everyone’s way of thinking is different and
we end up conflicting on our progress methods.

But this is a normal routine.

Since it has been a long time
The final way (of thinking) is reciprocal

??? ???????
We ended up laughing.

well, it’s unusual and
instantly reconciliation?????

The work
is really progressing favourably in a serious way.


? ???????????
I’m doing several reflections…

Until then

The dinner is Subuta Bentou???


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