Kiki’s Delivery Service and Your Heaven



This is a very interesting article from akabaneouji that I decided to translate completely:

Stockholm and Gotland have an atmosphere that resembles a set from Kiki’s Delivery Service. The colors and forms had a cute feeling.


When I read that sentence I was surprised. Why Sweden? Why was Your Heaven born in Sweden?

YUI said once that, surprisingly, she had listened to a lot of Swedish pop in the past, so she wanted to know what kind of place it was. When she went to New York she surely listened to ABBA when she saw “Mamma Mia”, but I imagine the person who was most influential was her mom listening to 90’s music in her car, things like The Cardigans or Tore Johansson. Maybe? but I doubt that was the only reason. Did “Kiki’s Delivery Service” impact YUI in such a deep way?

Proof of that can be found In the following interview from BACKSTAGE PASS December 2005 in the “Akai Telecaster” section.

? Please tell us about your favorite movies.

The works of Hayao Miyazaki. I love Studio Ghibli since very little. Recently I had to stay at a hotel for 5 days. When I read in the newspaper that “Kiki’s Delivery Service” would be broadcasted, I had a conversation about it with some people of my staff. We ran back to the hotel together as soon as we finished work, even to catch the last part, but when we turned the TV on we only could see a small part. So when I found time I rented the DVD and watched it again.

I really love “Kiki’s Delivery Service”. It has this wise saying… When the artist girl and Kiki are talking together in the night. The girl painting says, uhm.. “The talent to do things like painting and having the blood of a witch are things that are conferred to us, but hardships come along with it” Or something like that. Aaah I wanna check it out right now! Anyway, when I watch that scene a lot of thoughts come to mind.

When I was little I watched Totoro over and over. They passed it on TV a lot. I think it would be so nice to create a theme song for a Ghibli film. When I watched Porco Rosso I willfully made a song inspired by it!


YUI liked Ghibli since little. What if we read Your Heaven’s lyrics having “Kiki’s Delivery Service” in mind?

Saw it in a photograph in the distant past
A town where buildings with red roofs lined the streets
la la la la
I had a feeling we’ll meet each other there

That is surely
A strongly bound fate rather than a mere coincidence
We were smiling
What’s with the colour of the sky?
It’s my first time seeing it
Yet strangely
It feels nostalgic

I heard your voice

When we make it through the arduous night
Someday we will understand
That’s what I sang

That is why I believed

la la la la
la la la…


“Saw it in a photograph in the distant past, a town where buildings with red roofs lined the streets” That part already appears taken completely from Kiki. Imagine YUI watching this movie on TV alone or perhaps with her mother.
“I heard your voice” refers to Kiki’s voice. I remember being encouraged as the protagonist passes through the lonely night.

“What’s with the colour of the sky? It’s my first time seeing it, yet strangely, it feels nostalgic” YUI was in Sweden for the first time, but she felt nostalgic when the atmosphere reminded her of the time she saw Kiki as a child.

I can’t exactly remember the movie, so I can’t say much more, but “Kiki was separated from her parents, living independently as a witch in an unknown city.” Don’t you think Kiki the witch and YUI the musician hold enough in common? YUI was encouraged by Kiki and so she wrote “Your Heaven” in gratitude? “I won’t forget that. I’m glad I came” Aren’t those the things she remembered in Sweden?

“Your Heaven”, “Sweden”, “Kiki’s Delivery Service”. It all connects to YUI’s childhood. I really have to watch this movie again to make sure…



Well then, this number of BPASS (Dec.2005) was published for the release of LIFE and I really love LIFE! I always listen to this song and yet I never grow tired of it. It’s when “YUI’s image” was settled. The music video is also great. A godly song!

The only way to describe YUI’s natural talent is an inspiration received directly by God. The YUI in this picture has a great feeling. Like I thought, this combination of jeans and hoodie is what suit her best.

“As I read in some book “People stop walking not because of despair but because of resignation. Those people keep walking not because of hope, but because of their own determination” I read that when I was feeling down and it really helped me. I wanted to write a song like that.”

Thank you, YUI.


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