YUI and Suga Shikao (PATiPATi June 2005)



From PATiPATi June 2005, YUI talks about her interview with Suga Shikao at Bokura no Ongaku.

Translation: Kikino
Correction: Spring Ephemeral
Original transcript: akabaneouji

– By the way, in Osaka you did a TV recording for “Bokura no Ongaku” were you had a conversation with Suga Shikao, right? (Broadcasted on april 8th) Suga Shikao had a concert in Osaka and you met in his dressing room. It looks like you really wanted to meet him.
I was really interested in him after listening to of his CDs. I like the album “Sweet” the most. The song “Ougen no Tsuki” for example. I like many of his songs, so I wanted to meet him. I really didn’t know how to react or what to say, but I was very happy to meet him. Moreover, I just said I didn’t know what to say and yet we talked for about an hour.

– Were you nervous?
I was super nervous. I wrote the character “person” on my palm and pretended to drink it * (Haha) But when Suga Shikao-san gave me a handshake and said “please to meet you” I got extremely nervous. It was terrible how tense I got.

– When I watched it on TV you looked very calm.
Nah, I was panicking alright. I mean, he is a big sempai right? Listening to his songs and CDs, watching him on TV and then meeting him, I didn’t think I would get so nervous. But Suga Shikao-san’s eyes are so kind. He caused me a really big impression.

– But still, you were a magnificent interviewer right? And I thought your questions were straightforward and made good choices.
It’d be nice if it was that way. Ah, But there is a funny side story. The truth is that there are parts of the interview that were not aired. In the end, Suga Shikao-san said to me “Ganbatte ne (Give your best)”. But you can’t reply back “Ganbatte ne” too, right? So I reacted by impulse and awkwardly replied “Ganbarimashou (Let’s give our best)”. When I did, suga Shikao-san said “If you said Ganbareyo! (Try your best!) it will sound more cool”. So I repeated it right after and everybody bursted into laughter.

– I guess nobody thought you would say it (Haha)


* Prettending to drink the written kanji “Person” is a Japanese tradition to calm down, especially when you have to talk or perform in a large audience or to a VIP.


I’m planning to translate the whole show in the future ;)