LIFE Interview (H Magazine November 2005)


The following is an extract of an interview made to YUI back when LIFE was recently released.

I took the title “LIFE” straight from the theme of the song. As for the phrase “I can change my life” it’s similar to the theme of Tomorrow’s way where I sing about opening up my own way, but I think the uptempo beat makes you experience it as something fresh. It’s a song I always sing live. The rhythm, singing habits and atmosphere were already brought up during the recording, so I carried those things over to the performance naturally.

When you sing this song you really seem to enjoy yourself don’t you?
That’s right. I also performed at ROCK IN JAPAN FES. 2005. When everyone was enthusiastic, singing this song felt really good. When I go to see concerts I want to have fun for sure, so when I perform I want my audience to have fun as well. I want to keep writing songs like this from now on.

“Things are not simple, that’s why I can keep on living.” This is definitely your view or life isn’t it?
That’s right. Well, it’s also me pretending to be tough… It’s possible that if you are suffering those words won’t reach you, but I think in its entirely it has become a song that can push you forward. I think it would be good if you can be encouraged by that sentence”. Also the phrase “All the days that have passed make up my current self” is about recognizing and accepting yourself as you are. I wrote it thinking about how it could change the way you view the world… for example on a sports match, if the opponent let their guard down you could easily score and finish the match quickly, but In the end “Things are not simple” is something that is born from the confrontation of a big barrier that I carry. That’s why I feel that way.

Since you couldn’t score you have to continue. Are you talking about the future?
That’s right. Yes. I’m very conscious that I’m properly facing towards the future, so said wall becomes clearer. I sing with that feeling in mind.

Considering how young she was when she wrote this song I’m always impressed when I listen to it.
She is really a genious.
Also look at that cute face > <