Staff Diary (2011.05.25) — MUSIC STATION’s meeting.


MUSIC STATION’s meeting.
Translation by azmikun

everyone, good evening!

Today, Tokyo was warm!!
are you healthy??

well well, Today’s YUI,
???????MUSIC STASION???????????????
had a meeting for next week’s Music Station.

She had an enjoyable meeting with
famous man from Music Station’s blog,
Yamamoto Kazuhito-san.

(meeting picture) which is began unintentionally,
well as usual isn’t it? (LOL)

and then, We, the STAFF and YUI went separated

YUI went to work her jobs, and the STAFF preparing
for Hong Kong Live.

We also exited and hoping that
Live in Hong Kong would be wonderful.

from next week, it’s June already…

so fast!!

?????????HELLO ?Paradise Kiss???
and, finally ?HELLO ?Paradise Kiss??’s
will be released!!

certainly, please check it
with its movie also.

we hope for you support!!

well then.



Picture from Msta Blog