YUI INDO Gathering featured on TV



Translation thanks to Bambz Elric

>Lydia Lau :

“aPop lovers this is my favourite segment

a Fanzone Segment J !!, A pop news team had already reported a YUI Lovers Indonesia Gathering event last week (17 December 2011)

do you want to know how does it goes? so let’s check it out !!!!!”

>Narator :” hey A pop Lovers for this Fan zone segment , A pop crews had already reported some complete gathering fan base of a Beautiful-talented Japannese singer and songwriter called YUI, what kind of activity which they do? Here it is. Before we talk about their activity it’s better to knows about what is  Indonesian YUI Lovers community and who are them?

>Indonesia YUI Lovers :”Hey a Pop Lovers we are from YUI Lovers Indonesia !! Yeahhhhh”


>Narrator : “compared with another fan base community which more have some fun activity, the Indonesian YUI lover better to held some sport activity like a mini football and Badminton as their main event. Taken a place in a sport centre in the east of Jakarta, this event also have a purpose to strengthen the brotherhood tie between the fan-base member which consisted from 13 region at that time


>BU:” this is an interesting gathering because this is also our first time from each region came together, it can also be a prove that YUI had also many fan in Indonesia you can see the crowd behind me, YUI Lovers GLORY!!!

>Narator : “Indonesian YUI Lovers had already made a project which can be called as their pride”


>MR.Sas: “till this time we have already send her one photobook which consisted a letter from the member of YL Indo dedicated to YUI , and yeah thanks to god she already accepted our project this photo is the prove (shows the YUI’s photo holding our photobook *Yeaaaaaaaaaah!!!!), our main purpose is still to invited the actress to visit Indonesia

>Narator: “YL indo had also create a door prize event , a Large YUI poster has prepared as a reward for the luckiest one “, and the reward goes to a boy called ishary

>Ishary :” I think this community is great , I hope with the existence of this community YUI can heard us and came to Indonesia “


>Narrator:”A pop news had also prepared a trivia game for them “


Q:How many single which YUI had been already released?”

A:”20” RIGHT

Q:” Can you mention her album from the oldest one until the newest one ?”


A:”From me to You, Can’t buy my Love , I Loved Yesterday, My Short Story ,Holidays in the Sun , and How Crazy Your Love” RIGHT!!!!

Q:”What is the name from her very first single?”

A:”It’s Happy line” RIGHT!!!

Q:”where did she was born?”A:”Fukuoka” RIGHT!!!

Q:”Where did she released her first single?”A:”Fukuoka” RIGHTQ:”what is the name of the movie where take a part as  the main role?”

A:”Taiyou no Uta” RIGHT!!

Q:”What is her last single?”

A:”Green A.Live”RIGHT


Narrator:”for the one who answered much question will get the YUI pin as the reward XD XD XD”

they had also do covering for some of her song (singing Rolling Star together)


and now we will gonna see the collection from one of the member he is MR.Sas

Mr.Sas:”Hello YUI Lovers i will show you some of my collection which i collect from the beginning of 2006 till this time , consisted 6 album and 20 single but I’m still searching the rarest one called It’s happy line because it’s only released about 2000 CD’s in the world, unless the price is high , we only can found it in some certain place.this is her first single feel my soul ,maybe this is hard to find it this time and the price aren’t cheap

i get this CD by Buying Via Online ,because the $ONY Music Indonesian Have not produced the japan music CD. And this is her very first album caleld “From me to You ” and I’m sure still hard to get it now because it’s been long time since this album was released, once upon a time when i bring this CD into a gathering the Case was BROKE!(oh my god !!!) and i must buy it again but this time is only the case

but let me remind you one thing that i’m not a Fanatic YUI Lovers , but i really appreciate everything which she had done by buying the Original CD (*wish i had had much much money maybe i will do the same thing XD XD XD ). and this is her last album “How Crazy Your Love” and the price is not cheap (for the second time you said it :) ) , i also have her tour DVD Concert called hollidays in the sun

and this concert we also had already make a “watching together ” ( i don’t know how to translated it so i keep writing like that XD) gathering event ,and i love their enthusiasm because the seat which we provide was already fully reserved”Narator:”Finally we are in the last section of this report,before we said goodbye there still a hope / future plan to YUI and YUI Lovers Comunity ”


MR.Sas:” we still want to spread YUI Lovers Virus until every people from Indonesia knows it , we only  want that they can now who is YUI anyway, the data which we get from facebook told us that YUI fan in Indonesia already reach 9000 (wow) this isn’t an easy attempt because we started it from the early 2006 till this time

YUI INDO :” YUI Please Come to INDONESIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”finally YUI INDO:” Hello A pop Lovers we want to say Merry Christmast 2011 and Happy new Year 2012 YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”

*a Video by SindoTV , Uploaded by Mr. Sas Kwan and Translated by Bambz