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yui went to Hokkaido to promote FLOWER FLOWER’s upcoming tour and paid a visit to two radio stations.


Thanks to FLOWER FLOWER yui Korean for the recording

yui’s LUV TRACK is?My Bad / Kharid?

She said to love the song for having a relaxing atmosphere. ?
It’s perfect when taking a drive.
She loves driving and she does it on a daily basis. ?

She hasn’t come to Hokkaido since their last tour.
She had plans to perform with 9? Parabellum Bullet at the Rising Sun Festival last month, but unfortunately it was cancelled (Due to a typhoon).
But today she is doing promo in two places in Sapporo!

yui opened an Instagram account recently.
Her friends were doing it so she wanted to try too.
Since the tour is starting soon she thought it was a good opportunity to open it and use it to make different announcements.
She saw Keepon-san (the radio host) wearing white makeup on Instagram
And she said she also wanted to try it out!
She also said I should decline staff’s requests from time to time (laughs)

There will be a live show at Zepp Sapporo on November 3rd
She talked about the name of the tour “Inko no have a nice day”
At a time I wanted to keep a Cockatiel

At the time she really wanted to have a cockatiel (okameinko) so she would sing “Inko inko” all the time
The tour staff would say “there is nothing but cockatiels around here”
That’s how the title of the tour came about.?
She wants to perform a set-list with a sense of unity that everyone can enjoy.
And if they please, she will also play songs from her time as a solo singer.
There were also good news for the fans. ?
Tickets are now on sale, so get one and go have fun.?

Source: AIR-G Website

FM Northwave GoGo Radio

Thanks to FLOWER FLOWER yui Korean for the recording