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Pictures taken from the web or TV

FLOWER FLOWER – Inko no have a nice day 2020 live stream

????have a nice day???2020 -Streaming Live- 2020.12.01 Setlist: Yume Sunahama Mitsu Sunday Ningyo Ai no uta Ben Futari (With Mizobe Ryou) Atsui aitsuĀ (With Mizobe Ryou) Jyouka Tabi no tochuu Asa Hanauta Summer song  

yui at Rocks ForChile 2020

Rocks ForChile in Toyonaka 2020.11.07 Guitar: Kafu Sato Violin: Naoto Setlist: 1. Sunahama 2. Hanauta 3. Aki 4. Subarashii sekai 5. CHE.R.RY

Kurei Yuki’s with yui at Tiktok Halloween 2020

Kurei Yuki's with yui at Tiktok Halloween 2020 2020.10.31 Setlist: 1. CHE.R.RY 2. Subarashii Sekai 3. Sayonara SAY GOODBYE 4. Acacia (Bump of Chicken cover) 5. Country Roads The host was Shingo Fujimori who participated with YUI on Music Lovers one time. yui dragged him onto the stage...

FLOWER FLOWER to Release New Single “Hana Uta” In Collaboration With ‘Craft Beer Music...

The Craft Music Project is a collaboration between Yoho Brewing Co. and Sony Music to boost both the music and beer industry. FLOWER FLOWER will collaborate with 'Boku Beer Kimi Beer' to release an exclusive craft beer. As part of...

FLOWER FLOWER on B-PASS 2020 8/9 Issue (2020.07)

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