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YUI at J-WAVE [IA.M.] (2012.12.03-06) – English Translations

YUI at J-WAVE (2012.12.03-06) http://www.j-wave.co.jp/original/iam/toyou/ **(2013.01.04) Updated with interview translations - see below ** Just some Q&A with YUI. or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FXoT4G3pB0 Thanks Bonzai Been a bit slow with updates....YL Staff have been a bit busy... --------------------- Translations by: Hatsumichan さまざまな分野で活躍する方を毎週1組ゲストにお迎えし、その方のいろんな素顔“I AM…”に迫ります。 Every week we welcome one group of guests that...

YUI-sensei Back Again!!!! SCHOOL OF LOCK! (2012.12.11) – English Translations

*Post updated with English Translations* YUI 「SCHOOL OF LOCK!」2012/12/11, Time : 22:00~23:55 JST at TOKYO FM http://www.tfm.co.jp/lock/2012/yui/ http://www.tfm.co.jp/lock/staff/  YUI-sensei made a visit to the SCHOOL OF LOCK radio show yesterday. This may be one of the last times she will be making a visit...

YUI’s comment at FM Nagano『echoes』(2012.11.27)

  http://soundcloud.com/flunder11/yui-fm-echoes/s-Zud7s File is private so just follow the link ^_^   YUI said she was inspired by Beatles' "Blue Album", to name her best albums under her favorite colors, Green and Orange ^_^ About the tracklist, she ordered the songs as if they...


  Abstract: In this program, YUI did not touch on the hiatus topic. Main difference for these eight years is that she can now speak better. And, not changed point is "To disappear". When she was choosing souvenirs at the Shinkansen station, her party...

YUI performs CHE.R.RY Bossa ver. Live at School of Lock!

  Kuro-chan and Chris joined the show to play CHER.R.Y with YUI. This time she also whistled the melody!   I wish there was a studio version of this u_u   --- Don't forget to visit the forum for more details about this radio show!  

YUI to Minna no Radio fight (2012.09.09)

  Enjoy ^-^   Visit the thread in the forum for more information!