Lyrics: Rain

  • ??????? ???????
    ????? ?????

    Silent Night

    ????? ??????
    ?????? ????????

    Silent Night

    Show Window
    ?????? ?????



    Holy Night????
    ????Silent Night

    Copyright © Sony Music Records (Japan) Inc. All Rights Reserved.

  • Machiawase no yoru ki ga tsuiteita
    Kagami no jibun ni toikakeru
    Shiroi KOOTO saenai kao
    Hontou wa kitaishiteru?)
    TAKUSHII ga tsukamaranai mama
    Kokudou zoi wo
    Isoida ah

    Kasa ga nai nante
    Yoku aru koto
    Zubunure ni natte
    Aruita Christmas eve
    Dare no sei ni mo dekinai janai
    Jibunkatte ni kaita SUTOORII
    Hon no sukoshi no shiawase dake de ii no
    Silent Night

    Tokei wo ki ni suru hito ha nigate yo
    Ushinaitsuzduketa kioku ga yogiru
    Doushitatte kako wa nakusenai
    Itsumademo nagekanaide
    Tokubetsu janai wa
    Nando kurikashitemo
    Onaji basho de mayou kara

    Uso wa nai sa tte
    USO wa yamete
    Shinsou nante wakaranai
    Kizutsuku koto ni mo nareteiru
    Mujun datte
    Zenbu uketometa
    Subete wo kowasu yuuki nante nakatta
    Hitori kiri
    Silent Night

    Show Window
    Naranda mirai ni yume miteita
    Ano koro no you ni

    Bonyari to utsutta
    Candle ni akogareta
    Sayonara da ne

    Kono ame ga itsuka
    Konayuki ni natte
    Kanashimi wo sotto
    Tsutsumikomu toki
    Atarashii kibou ni deau no

    Holy Night tanoshimeta
    Otona tte chotto
    Sabishigari dakara
    Naita tte ii nda
    Hajimari no Silent Night

    Copyright © Sony Music Records (Japan) Inc. All Rights Reserved.

  • Translation by uchihamel

    On the night we arranged to meet
    The realization dawned on me
    Questioning my reflection in the mirror

    With a white coat on
    And a glum expression
    Am I really anticipating this?
    Hurrying along the highway without being able to get a taxi

    Not having an umbrella is a common thing
    Walking along soaking wet on Christmas eve
    Surely the blame cannot be put on someone else?

    A story which I created by myself
    Even a teeny bit of happiness would have been fine for me
    You won’t be coming…
    That I know
    Silent night

    I dislike people who check the time repeatedly
    For doing that only tries to bring back memories which are already lost

    No matter what I do
    I can’t get rid of the past
    Don’t keep sighing

    I’m not special
    Because no matter how many times I try again
    I get lost at the same place

    Quit lying that there are no lies
    That incident in which the truth was not known
    I’ve gotten used to being hurt
    Even if it’s a contradiction I accepted it all
    I just didn’t have the courage to destroy everything
    You won’t be coming…
    A lonesome silent night

    I dreamt of that promising future displayed in the show window
    Just like back then
    Adoring the vague reflection of the candles
    So this is goodbye?

    When someday this rain turns into snow
    And slowly consumes this sadness
    I’ll be greeted by new hope

    I have always enjoyed the holy night
    Adults tend to be a little lonely
    So it’s okay to cry
    A new beginning, silent night

  • Translated by EndtoInfinity930

    I realized that it was the night we were supposed to meet.
    I look in the mirror and begin to ask myself a question. [1]
    Although my coat is white, my face isn’t clear, [2]
    Am I really anticipating something?
    I don’t catch a taxi, as usual, [3]
    So I hurried along the national highway, ah

    I often don’t have an umbrella,
    So I got dripping wet
    While I was walking on Christmas Eve.
    You can’t even blame anyone
    In the self-centered story I wrote.
    If I have just a little bit of happiness, is that okay?
    But you’re not coming,
    I understand
    It’s a silent night.

    People who constantly look at their watches are weak, [4]
    They go over memories in their minds that are already lost. [5]
    No matter what, you can’t get rid of the past,
    Don’t grieve forever.
    I’m not special,
    Because even if I do this over and over again,
    I’ll lose myself in the same place.

    You said you don’t lie…
    Stop the lies! [6]
    This is an episode where I don’t know if it’s a real situation.
    Even if my feelings get hurt,
    I’m used to it,
    I reacted to everything, although that’s a contradiction. [7]
    I didn’t have the courage to ruin everything.
    But you’re not coming,
    All on my own,
    It’s a silent night.

    In a dream, I saw that in the future, we’ll stand in line at the display window [8]
    Like we did back then in those days,

    Attracted to the dimly lit candle,
    Saying goodbye.

    This rain will someday
    Turned to powdered snow,
    And when the time comes
    For me to quietly conceal my sadness, [9]
    Will I come across a new hope?

    At any time,
    I was able to have fun on that Holy Night.
    Even adults
    Feel lonely sometimes, [10]
    So it was okay for me to cry,
    At the beginning of the silent night.

    [1]: Literally, “I begin to ask a question to my mirrored self.”
    [2]: Literally, “White coat, unclear face.” I think in this line, she’s contrasting her white (which is a clear/clean color) coat and her face (which is ‘unclear’, ‘unclear’ meaning that perhaps she’s furrowing her brow or she has a sad look on her face, or maybe even her facial expression is not distinguishable.)
    [3]: The Japanese word ?? (mama), which is used in this line, indicates that something is unchanged. “Takushii ga tsukamaranai” means “I don’t get/catch a taxi” so adding “mama” implies that she usually doesn’t catch a taxi. So the resulting translation is something like what I came up with (“I don’t catch a taxi, as usual”)
    [4]: Literally, “People who worry about/People who mind their watches/clocks are weak”, which would imply that someone is constantly checking the time, indicating impatience, and she thinks that this is a weakness. The phrase ???? means “to mind [something]” or “to worry about [something].” Just picture someone waiting for something to happen (like for a TV show to come on or something), and they are constantly checking their watch or their cell phone to see what time it is. That’s the situation described here.
    [5]: Literally, “Passing over memories that continued to be lost.”. I just worded it in a way that made more sense.
    [6]: Literally, “There are no lies!”, Stop your lies.” This line is easy to understand, difficult to explain. The first part of this line is a quotation, marked by the ?? (tte), which implies that her lover said ?????(uso wa nai sa), something to the effect “I don’t lie”. But she knows that THAT in itself is a lie, so she continues on to say ?????(uso wa yamete), “stop the lies.”
    [7]: Even though she’s used to getting hurt, she would still react to her lover’s hurtful actions. So she says that it seems like a contradiction because if you were used to something, you probably wouldn’t react to it.
    [8]: Although the lyrics are “show window”, I translated it as “display window” because it seems a little easier to understand. If you don’t know, a show/display window is basically a display case that a store has, so you can see what products they have when you’re walking by it on the street. Since this song seems to be about Christmas, I think that she is reminiscing about old memories of when they would meet up and look at all the pretty Christmas display windows that all the shops had around Christmas time. A couple lines down, it mentions something about a dimly lit candle, so it seems that in this certain Christmas display window, there is a dimly lit candle that they are attracted to. Maybe it symbolizes their love that is fading away?
    [9]: Literally, “When I quietly conceal my sadness.” ?? (toki) is a word used to indicate “a time when.”
    [10]: Literally, “Adults feel lonely.” I think she wanted to imply that adults get lonely too, even if they’re supposed to act grown up and act like they are happy with life.

  • Intro:
    Dm C Bb C (x2)

    Dm C Bb C (x2)

    Gm Bb F C
    Gm Bb Gm A7
    Bb C

    Bb C Dm F
    Gm Am Bb A7
    Bb C Dm F
    Gm Am Bb C

    repeat Verse

    repeat Pre-Chorus

    repeat Chorus

    F C
    F A

    Bb C Dm F
    Gm Am Bb A7

    repeat Chorus

    Dm C Bb C
    Dm C Bb C Dm

    Intro/Outro Solo:


    Lick at the end of Chorus:




    Transcribed by,
    tsunvun86 @