Writing a masterpiece unknowingly – (B-PASS ALL RIGHT 2007)


This is a very interesting interview about CHE.R.RY and how unexpected it was for YUI for it to become the famous song it is today.

Original transcript: Akabaneouji
Translation: Kikino
Correction: Spring-san

“This felt rather mysterious. In the past november I was making songs as usual. I felt excited and exclaimed “It’s finished!” When people from the staff passed by and listened to it as I played, they would say “it feels good”, “Let’s make it into a big deal, then”, “This is single material” and things like that. What’s more, I really didn’t think au “LISMO!” would pick it for their campaign. I was surprised.”

? However, to your eyes, you were just making another song as usual, but I wonder how excited was everyone around you.
“The truth is that I looked for a reaction within me as well. I thought whether or not it would be a good idea to make a song that sounded different from usual. When I saw everyone’s response, I thought it would be good if it became a b-side or ended in the final compilation of an album. But it grew big. Moreover, it was developed so quickly it was scheduled for release by spring. I was simply glad.”

? By the way, in your previous work “Rolling star” you said you wrote it using the image of strumming a guitar during a concert. What kind of things did you have in mind this time?
“When I wrote the melody, I recalled scenes of driving or going to the beach of Shingu, in my hometown. The refreshing feeling of the sea. Also, I think performing the song with an acoustic guitar will look great. At any rate I made this song freely, not taking it too seriously.”

? You could say the starting points are the sea of your hometown, performing with an acoustic guitar and taking it easy.
“You could say that. The image of the sea was present especially in the beginning of the process. Even though, when I added the lyrics later it was only about the love of springtime.”

? Is this song about your own experiences with love?
“In my songs I sometimes take real life relationships with people and turn them into love stories. Well this time love is that thing, though (shy looking) Using spring as the main theme, there is a chance that you might fall in love when starting a new school term or meeting new people. But it might also be an unrequited love… I had fun writing this song while thinking about such things.”

? Is the protagonist of the song close or related to you?
“No. I was probably just imagining. I just get such emotions everytime I listen to it.”

? I see. As for the phrase “I’m not good with emojis”. It might be a convenient guess, but you look like the type of person who doesn’t use them often. There is no relation? How did you come up with that idea?
“I practically never use them! I’m rather cold when texting. But lately I’m trying to challenge myself and use them more.”

? Hehe, You are taking the challenge.
“Yep. When I get texts from my mom she uses so many emojis it gets messy. So when I reply back I lose the fear of using them and send a lot.”

? Your challenge companion is your mom.
“Right. We are doing our best.”