In this program, YUI did not touch on the hiatus topic.

Main difference for these eight years is that she can now speak better.
And, not changed point is “To disappear”.
When she was choosing souvenirs at the Shinkansen station, her party disappeared .
But her friends said “No, YUI disappears from us!”

She is interested in fabric softener right now.
Playing at live show and viewing live show makes her happy. She loves LIVE.

Things to do during her twenties:
She want to try horse riding, but hasn’t yet.
She wasn’t able to climb Mt.Fuji this year either.

She loves STUDIO GHIBLI. She images that she can fly on a broom.
Her favorite is “Mimi wo sumaseba (Whisper of the Heart)”.
Pure love story makes her heart twinge a bit.
She copied the hair style from the heroin of the movie.


Thanks to: Yoshihiro Inagaki from facebook


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