YUI at J-WAVE [IA.M.] (2012.12.03-06) – English Translations


YUI at J-WAVE [IA.M.] (2012.12.03-06)


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Just some Q&A with YUI.


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Translations by: Hatsumichan

????????????????1????????????????????“I AM…”??????
Every week we welcome one group of guests that are involved in many different fields, and urge them to talk about the various true forms, “I AM”s.

12/03 IAM??????YUI???
I AM a guitar girl! I am YUI.

Q: YUI??????????????
Q: When you think about YUI, you think about acoustic guitars, right?
“When I was 15 or 16, I saw a street live, and that motivated me to want to learn to play guitar. I was surprised by the beautiful raw sounds it made. After that I slowly became able to play the guitar, and write songs, and with the encouragement of my sempai, they asked me to play as their opening performance. I was nervous at the time, but it was really fun.”

Q: ????????????????
Q: What was the reaction of the crowd at your street lives?
“Before my debut it felt like my music was reaching each person individually. There were a lot of people who just passed by, and every once in a while, people would stop to listen. Of course, when that happened I was happy. Sometimes, it was a one-on-one live when I would just face one person and sing. Sing one song, then talk a little bit, then sing again… that kind of thing. I think that at a street live you have to make your own environment, so to close the distance between me and the people who would listen to my songs, I would talk to them to create a more favorable environment where we could both relax. It felt like if I was nervous then the people listening would also feel like it would be hard to come closer.”

Q: ???????????????
Q: How long were your street lives?
“Usually I would start in the evening and sing for 2~3 hours. Lots of different people would walk by so I was able to meet a lot of people. There were many really kind people and I was really moved by them. One time, there were people who had done a wonderful street live in Tokyo, and I was able to talk to them and we were able to become friends.”

Q: ????????????????????
Q: Out of all the songs you sang at your street lives, which one brings up the most memories?
??????????”feel my soul”???????????????????????????????
“That would be my debut song, ‘feel my soul.’ I used to sing it on the street even when it was still a work in progress.”

12/04 I AM ???????????YUI???
12/04 I AM The source of my energy is RAMEN! I am YUI.

Posted Image
Q: So you really like ramen?
“Well, I like ANY noodle dish,
but since I’m from Fukuoka, I particularly like Tonkotsu Ramen.
I am often told that the timing in which I asked for a second serving of noodles is really fast.
Then again, it’s said everyone from Hakata is like that.
I always order more noodles after I finish about half of the ramen.
If you finish all the noodles and then ask for more, you have to take a break in the eating process,
so I plan it so that I can keep on eating while waiting for my second serving.
Maybe I’m just impatient?
But I feel like you have to finish eating before the soup gets cold.
I think my timing is perfect.”

Q: Any recommendations for Tonkotsu Ramen Shops?
?????”Shin Shin”???????????????????
“In Fukuoka there is a place called “Shin Shin” that I go to often.
If it’s Tokyo, I was introduced to a place in Futago-Tamagawa called “Kokumaru” that’s good.
There are only 5~6 seats, so there’s always a line.
They serve thin-noodles and the flavor is very reminiscent of Hakata.”

Q: Do you have a particular person in mind when you write a “message song?”
“I don’t really have a concrete image of someone in my mind when I write,
but the faces of fans I’ve seen at lives do come to mind.
There are times when I look from the stage and I wonder if my fans are extremely happy,
I’m always supported by my fans and I want to show them my gratitude through my live performances,
but then I always get more energy from them.
And then eventually I want to give back to them even more.”

Q: For YUI-san, what is music?
??????????????”Love Love Love”???????
“Just as I was encouraged by music, I want to be able to use music to do something.
When I’m troubled, there are a lot of songs that I listen to that help me to feel better.
For example, I really like “Love Love Love” by Donny Hathaway.
Once when I was really worried, I received this song on CD.
I still listen to it even now. When I try listening to it while driving,
the way I hear the song changes again.
You can hear sounds that you never noticed before, and it gives the song a new and fresh feeling.”

12/05 I AM90?????YUI???
12/05 I AM 90-minute course! I am YUI.

Q: What’s this 90-minute course?
I really like massages, so it’s a 90 minute massage course. I only go occasionally, so I have them give me the 90 minute sports massage that includes stretching so it’s a massage that really loosens up your muscles. Playing the guitar and singing also uses your muscles so I’ve been making an effort to go. My shoulders and lower back get stiff. When doing vocals, I use muscles in my back, and when I play the guitar my legs also are sore. The masseuse often says that “Musicians are similar to athletes so it’s good that you come in.”

Q: When you’re on tour, the energy required is similar to that of sports right?
Since you usually sing continuously for 2-2.5 hours, I think that fatigue builds up in your body. So when I get a massage, it’s like the best moment of bliss.

Q: Do you like martial arts?
I often surprise people when I say this, but I have a lot of connections with people in the martial arts, and I grew to really like it after going to watch them. The appeal of it is that I get a lot of energy and courage while watching someone work towards a goal. I think that I also want to become stronger. (lol) It makes me want to fight. People say that I seem kind of masculine, but I think the techniques are really cool.

Q: When you make music, does it feel like you’re letting your feelings out?
When I think to myself “I want to make this kind of a song!” and then it starts taking shape, I feel like I’ve emit my feelings. It’s kind of a weird sensation, and I feel like I start to hear the sound of the arrangement and stuff as well. And then I take that and put it into words, into music, and into expressions, but it’s a vague and difficult process. When there’s a sound I want to express that isn’t conveyed, I think “Maybe this is a little wrong” and these things happen over and over until the it becomes the sound that I want it to be. I guess writing music takes a lot of concentration.

12/06 I AM ???????YUI???
I AM a little stubborn! I am YUI.

Posted Image

Q: What do you mean by “a little stubborn”?
I guess you can say I’m stubborn when I think “I’m not going to give in!” and then I don’t give in.
When it comes to parts of the arrangement or lyrics and I think, “This is better this way!!,”
and well, I do listen to the opinions of other people,
but when I think, “That’s not it!,” then I’ll just continue with my own vision.

Q: Since there is some stubbornness on the “artist” side of you, there may also be sometimes besides writing music when you want to be stubborn right?
“Sometimes if you aren’t a little stubborn you’ll just get dragged along with the flow, and your opinions will disappear,
so then I wonder “What’s the point of expressing things?”
and so when it comes to writing music, the times that I am a little stubborn are fairly common.
Sometimes my friend will say “Want to eat soba noodles?,” and I’ll try to discreetly suggest “I want to eat Italian.”
Of course you still have to be attentive and read the situation, but sometimes I do come out and say what I want. (lol)
But I have many friends who are the “Whatever works for me!” type.”

Q: I wonder how the staff around you see you when you’re showing your stubbornness at the workplace?
“Well, I think that I am able to be a little selfish and stubborn because the people around me are all so wonderful. I’m really grateful for that.”

Q: You announced that at the end of this year you will be going on hiatus…?
“Some new things that I want to try have come up, so I’m thinking that I want to start making preparations for that.
I’d like to do this with a positive attitude and I’m thinking about polishing up some of my ideas.
It’s my stubbornness, or maybe more like my “resolution.”
I don’t know what kind of a shape these new challenges will come in,
but I want to continue with music as much as possible.
Please continue to support me.”


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