yui’s Instagram Posts (September 2nd – 9th)


I always use liquid foundation, but when I’m too busy or in a hurry, powder foundation is easier to use! I’m relieved I bought this ? Ah, by the way, I’m using a beautiful skin app ?

Good evening. This photo is from when we first formed. Everyone looks so different! Tomorrow sometime in the afternoon we will have a live stream on the furafura account ? We don’t have any particular plans, so it will be pretty loose, but please check it out if you have time ?

Good evening. How is everyone doing? This is a song I’ve been listening to a lot recently. I love it, because it fits when I’m driving and it helps me to relax?

Summer hasn’t fully ended right? It’s still hot so please take care!

I got a kettle-bell! I will start a muscular life? How are you spending your day?

Beautiful colors ? There is a typhoon coming, please take care!

I have the habit of playing timidly with the headphone cord while singing. Feels good!