YUI on R??? !



YUI on R???  aired on 2012.04.26

YUI-san recently participated as the featured guest on the show R??? (R no Housoku/Rule of R). This show aired in Japan on April 26th, 2012.  It has been a long time since we’ve seen a video interview with YUI so it was exciting to see!  It’s nice to see how much she’s grown. As she answers these questions politely and you can see the difference in her overall composure compared to her earlier shy self.

The show is about 30 minutes long filled with interview questions sent in by viewers and a choir performance of YUI-san’s “fight” song.

YUI-san answers a variety of questions where she talks a bit about the following topics:
(These may not be super accurate as I am summarizing with my limited knowledge of Japanese. Topics follow video order)

– Her debut/origin story,  meeting a street musician ‘senpai’ (bianconero) and then about her auditions briefly
– Not sure what the ??? / moteki question is about ….something to do with “popularity period”
–  Sports that she plays: badminton
–  Something she is/was not familiar with:  fashion

– A failed moment?: While she was working at her part-time job at the Chinese restaurant where she dropped something? (The animation they made is really cute)
– Not sure what the question asked but YUI talks about music being very important to her
– Not sure what questioner #76 asked nor what YUI said. The host further asks her a question about ‘pace’ and she talks about spending 15-30 min on writing a melody?

YUI-san picks out 5 more questions and says how this feels like the bingo game:

Person from Osaka asks – If  not an artist (singer), what would she be? She has thought about this and as a job, she would see herself doing some sort art or dance (maybe performance arts)?

Pia-san asks about some sort of food item YUI likes (maybe a health food item) ? She answers really liking ‘natto’ and something called “sat?” (sat? shoyu – some sort of soya sauce?). Second host asks her something and YUI-san mentioned something about her throat and wearing a mask.

Ko-chan – *Not sure*… ???????? …..Please tell us something that you can’t be able to bend? (Maybe a something like a rule she would not break? I have no idea what this is about nor what YUI says)

Kobe-san – Does YUI-san sing her own songs at karaoke? YUI-san says she doesn’t but when she does it’s embarrassing.

Then it cuts to a couple of audience members singing to YUI’s songs in karaoke. Then they show the TOP 10 YUI songs sung at Karaoke with YUI commenting about a few of them.

TOP 10 YUI Songs at Karaoke

2. Rolling star
3.  again
7. Good-bye days
8. feel my soul
9. My Generation
10. Summer Song

Audience who are asking questions compliment YUI-san and how she’s amazing being a solo artist and how pretty/cute she is.  They also talk about her type of voice and the falsetto then how they have to change keys to sing her songs.

Host continues to asks her a few things then continues on with more questions from the audience. Eventually, a group of school girls perform the choir version of YUI’s song “fight.” It’s really nice seeing YUI listening, singing, and clapping along with the choir. <3 She looks so happy singing along and so proud of the choir group at the end.


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