Translated by BEATkino!

Today’s second guest is YUI-san!!

YUI???? ???????????????????
Today’s YUI fashion is “Marine Style”!
“Marine” has come into her recently ?

YUI????? ????????????
YUI’s obsession is, as I thought “Guitar”?
Lately, her so called “little martin” looks cute ^^

2?3??????????HOLIDAY IN THE SUN???????????
5 ????Shake My Heart??????????????????????
???????????????????????????? ??????
The album “HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN” will be released after 2 years and 3 months,
She talked about how she wanted to make a bright and sparking summer-ish album
In the 5th track ?Shake My Heart? the chorus included towards the end
It was a “hand made” participation of the staff.

????????? : no idea… being aware of it while driving?

YUI’s plans from now on are…
Next week at July 14th, the album after 2 years and 3 months
?HOLIDAY IN THE SUN? will be released.

7?24?(?) ?? HIGHER GROUND 2010
7?31?(?) ?? SETSTOCK
8?7?(?) ?? ROCK IN JAPAN
????9 ??????????????
5 ?????????????YUI?????????????

And performances in summer festivals have been decided ?
July 24 Fukuoka HIGHER GROUND 2010
July 31 Hiroshima SETSTOCK
August 7 Ibakari ROCK IN JAPAN
Furthermore, in September the Tour will start!!
In the ZIP area for two days september 15 and 16
The place will be Nagoya Century Hall
5 year anniversary! You can’t move your eyes away from YUI-san’s vigorous activities!



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