YUI-Lover 5th Collaboration 2012 Start!



YUI-Lover 5th Collaboration 2012
Final artwork submission for art booklet: Feb 27th
Final Audio Submission: March 2nd *no delays this time hopefully*
Final design for print: March 4/5th
Date to ship: March 10th

HELLO YUI-Lovers! *claps hands*

I hope that 2012 has been treating everyone well so far!
It was only just a few days ago that we had received exciting news that our YUI-Lover Christmas Collaboartion 2011 CD has been properly received by YUIs STAFF (yay! Thank you YUI’s STAFF and everyone involved on the project)!

It’s really awesome knowing that we’re able to collaborate with people all over the world to make a meaningful gift to show our appreciation for YUI, her bandmates, and staff! This type of CD project has created bonds and friendships amongst YUI fans in and outside of Japan!

I’m here to let everyone in the YUI-Lover community know (including new YUI-Lover members) that it’s time again for the
YUI-Lover 5th Collaboration CD 2012 ! :cool

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What is a YUI-Lover Collaboration CD?
Every year the YUI-Lover members work together to make a CD gift that is sent to YUI to celebrate her birthday! Last year, we also sent copies to e.u.Band members & YUI Staff members.

YUI-Lovers over the years have completed a total of 6 YUI-Lover CDs (Collaboration 1-4, Christmas & Shake My Heart~World Version)! Some of these songs have been featured on YUI Radio and in YUI/Staff Diary/School of Lock entries. ^__^

So I would like to invite everyone to participate and join in our fansite’s 5th CD Collaboration!

How do I participate?
Generally, YUI-Lovers team up with each other to make a cover of a song. Members share their instrumental tracks and mix with vocal recordings.

Here are some ideas:
– Record a song cover of YUI’s music
– Make a remix version! Example: Language adaptations (English lyrics or Spanish etc.), Acoustic versions, Rap/Funk/Samba/Classical, Vocaloid, etc whatever floats your boat ^__^
– Your own original song! Please write your lyrics and post ASAP so it can be translated into Japanese *if necessary*

For the 5th Collaboration, I was hoping we could cover songs that YUI likes or has covered before on various radio shows or television broadcasts.

STEPHAPEE and I actually worked on our song already. In the early days, YUI covered Michelle Branch’s Goodbye to You song, so we decided to do a cover of it. You can listen here!
http://soundcloud.com/gogogotchi/goodbye-to-you-vers-1-0-gotchi (not the final version!)

List (i am surely missing a lot so feel free to add more-just some ideas):
– The Beatles: CAN’T BUY MY LOVE, Help, Tomorrow Never Knows, Lucy in the sky with Diamonds, etc.
– Jason Mraz
– John Mayer
– Alanis Morissette: Hands Clean
– Michelle Branch: Find my way back (YUI Locks she sang a bit of it)
– Avril Lavigne (maybe her earlier stuff)
– Cindi Lauper – Time after Time (a huge fav)

Japanese songs:
– stereopony/YUI’s – I do it
– Tsubasa o kudasai *
– Sotsugyo Shashin (YUI X Tokunaga Hideaki)*
– Yozora no Mukou (YUI x Sugashikao)*
– M (1988)*
refer to Bokura Ongaku/Music Lover shows

Jpn Songs recommended by YUI:
– Imawano Kiyoshiro (ame agari no yozora ni)
– SUPER BUTTER DOG (Sayonara Color) <– i love this song
– BO GUMBOS (Yume no naka)
– Arai Yumi (Yasashisa ni tsutsumaretanara)
– Spitz (memories)
-> http://forum.yui-lover.com/topic/6666031/1/#new

Japanese artists:

Check list of 30 songs she listens to!

Once you have decided who you’re working with and on the song, PLEASE post your work here in the discussion thread and update this google doc to keep things organized:


Please fill in/post with the following:
– write in the song you’re planning to to cover
– list YUI-Lover members involved (vocals/instrument details)
– Don’t forget to include the final vers. mp3 file download link

01. Goodbye to You
Vocals: gotchi & STEPHAPEE
Acoustic Guitar: STEPHAPEE
Preview/Download link: http://soundcloud.com/gogogotchi/goodbye-to-you-vers-1-0-gotchi

Can’t sing? No worries! Visit here :
We’d like to welcome others to join in by creating some artwork! It can be anything! Hand-drawings, digital artwork, photography, collages, be creative!

Can’t sing nor draw?
It would be wonderful if you can contribute to the production cost of making this project happen! Anything will be great! Shipping from Canada is pricey but I guarantee you it will arrive safely and be put together very nicely ^__^ Check out the Christmas Collab wrapping here

my paypal account is: gogogotchi@gmail.com

For more information and feedback, please visit the forum