YUI Diary (2010.06.02) — Finallyyyyyy!



Translated by Kippei

It’s arrived!

???????to Mother?????????
Today!! It is ?to Mother?’s release date!!

Those who posted a message (on the message board) for the first time today
and also those who listened to the song, I’m glad you did~!!

Thanks a lot to those who have and also those who have not listened to the song!

The song won’t run away(laugh),
As I produced this song wholeheartedly,
I’ll be happy if it is listened to a lot!

?to Mother?
?to Mother?
Recently, I received lots of chances to sing rooter’s song, this time I’m thinking more about myself and also things I consider important to me.
?Mother? of course, when the audiences think of what they regard as ?being great? they’ll listen to the song repeatedly that’s what I think.
Please dedicate this song to your ?important ones?

I created this song from guitar riff.
The contents are, similar to the image of slipping/sneaking away from a party.
It has become a song that is fun to perform live.

?GLORIA?YUI Acoustic Version??
?GLORIA?YUI Acoustic Version??
This time too, I’ve included acoustic ver.
It begins with the image and atmosphere of street performance
Simple and therefore, the atmosphere it possessed stand out/appears distinct

And then, the customary tour of the CD shops!!
Please forgive us for the intrusion!

See you later in Yokohama!

The weather is fine it lifted one’s spirit!

CD ????????????????????????????????
Lots of thanks to all the staff of the CD shops for all the assistance!!

Please continue to be of my assistance (laugh)!!

Well then, have fun again tomorrow~!!





Today’s action, I want to upload these as I felt like leaving my trail!

CD Shop 1

CD Shop 2

CD Shop 3

Nice development!
I’m glad!

Bass’ Bakky tags along, RAJIBANDARII.
Thanks a lot Akagawa-san for the vocalised writing challenge, as well as guitar signing!

Vocalised composition

Guitar signing


For some reason, despite being in Yokohama we had Thai cuisines~.

Well then, until next time!

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