A concert with a variety of happenings, YUI’s first performance in Hong Kong


While her latest single “HELLO ~Paradise Kiss~” is very popular. YUI went to AsiaWorld-Arena in Hong Kong on June 26th for her first overseas concert in her career.

Although AsiaWorld-Arena is the huge venue with a capacity of approximately 7,500 people, ardent YUI fans filled it up. YUI tunes are very popular in Hong Kong also, enough to stay high in the long-term chart. On that stage, a lot of plots were performed. Some local fans had the chance to be “es.car” dancers, and “feel my soul” was sung while showing the pictures of “your precious person” sent by fans on the screen. One more surprise is the appearance of a well-known local comedian. That was a special night for Hong Kong fans.

In addition, Special charity goods were sold on the venue to support East Japan damaged by the earthquakes. YUI commented about it “Thank you for your support to Japan. I’m so happy” at the encore, and the venue was filled up with heartwarming atmosphere. The whole profit about the charity goods will be donated through the organization Japan Platform.

Translated by Hirotana. YUI-Lover hero now and forever.

Source: Natalie

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