YUI Diary (2010.04.24) – Balance ball?


Balance ball?

“Translated by el_shamelo”

Hello everyone
It’s YUI

Have you been having fun?

I went to a magazine photoshoot and keep recording everyday.

One day we where talking if we should go out for a meal or not.
I thought we should’ve go before because it was raining.
Why don’t we go to “Gyoza King”?! If we go to check it out…

So we went!

It’s King CLEAR!

I think this was mentioned in detail by Hisashi-san in dokutsubo tho (laugh)
please take a peak without any worries ok?

After that, when i was having a haircut by
the person who is always helping me, hair stylist Youji-san, <– I hate you!
I saw his/her scissors unintentionally.

I thought “i’ve neeever seen that way of holding a scissor”

When he heard, he told me how!

Even thoug I always get my hair cut, I had never noticed, such a curiosity…

When I use scissors normally
I hold it using my index, middle finger and thumb, but
The PRO Youji-san uses ring finger and thumb.
Index and middle finger accompany from above, to fix it

(There are differences when using things isn’t it? By the way, Icchi?
uses middle finger and thumb, the index supports.)

It looks like the way of holding scissors became something fundamental!

Isn’t it great!

It was hard to do!

Eric Hutchinson?Sound Like This?
??7???All Over Now???????????????
And then, a CD i’ve been listening to often.
Eric Hutchinson?Sound Like This?
I love the mood and songs of this album.
specially, the song Nº7 ?All Over Now?, I’ve been listening to it over and over.

If you feel like, by all means!!!

finaly, I recorded today as well and
We recieved sweets from Naoki-sweets-san!

I thougth it was “chou a la creme” (cream-filled pastry), but it was crosisants.
It was deliciouuus! Shiba-chan, thank you!

In Staff Diary
For let me put the balance ball on top of me (laugh), thanks!

That day, Shiba-chan and Yahagicchi
became addicted to the balance ball too!
Playing basket, volley… Laugh

(????????????STAFF DIARY??)
Details about balance ball are in Staff Diary

Dewa Dewawade!
Let’s continue healthy today too!



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