Billboard Live Osaka — June 22nd Live Reports


So, it finally happened and, for the looks of it, it was really awesome.
Twitter is filled with reports so I’ll try to make a summary.

(It was the same in both performances)

1.? (Fuyu)
2.???? (Seki wo Tatsu)
3.??????? (Toumeina Uta)
4.? (Tsuki)
5.?? (Kamisama)
6.??????? (Subarashii Sekai)
7.??????? (STARTLINE)
8.?? (Takaramono)
9???? (Bye-bye)
1.?? (New song! Rock’n roll style)
2.? (Honou)

We are still in that timeline where closeups of yui are forbidden. 

yui’s outfit was identified by @adieuler

First live
Both lives
Second Live

She also wore pink leggins and a hat during the first part of the show.

*At an MC, yui said: “I’ve been doing my best to lose weight, but i’m still 3kg from my goal. I wonder if staying chubby is okay?” Then, murajun responded: “Feels like you are talking about me, please stop.” 
*Some said of sacchan’s performance to be one of the most violent ever seen.
*Also most say that yui’s voice and performance overall was better than ever before. She had a great disposition and interacted with the crowd a lot.

When the show ended murajun threw balls to yui and she used a baseball bat to throw them at the audience. sacchan did the same to mafumafu.

Soon after the concerts, FF_STAFF confirmed that a “round thing” is in preparation.