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PVs, Interviews and comments ...TV performances? We are wondering if we'll get any too U_U

YUI performs “It’s My Life” at Music Station

As she promised in her diary, she tried a new greeting. Wuu~ Kon! The performance was perfect! -- Go to the forum for... you know~

Inko no “Have a Nice Day” Tour day 3 — Fukuoka DRUM LOGOS

2018.04.10 Inko no “Have a Nice Day” Tour day 3 Fukuoka DRUM LOGOS yui talked about her new haircut and she said her kids wouldn't recognize her xD Setlist: 1.? (Inochi) 2.???? (Powerful) 3.???? (Mannequin) 4.???? (Coffee) 5.??? (Icecream) 6.??????? (Toumeina uta) 7.?? (Chizu) 8.?? (Kamisama) 9.?????? (Anata to Taiyou) 10.?? (Takaramono) 11.???????...

Inko no “Have a Nice Day” Tour day 4 — Zepp Tokyo

At some point of the concert yui tripped over a speaker on stage and before standing up she said "I have lots of fat, so I'm okay" ^^

Flipping a table over in anger

Hisashi and e.u.Band were playing an iphone game in the studio. YUI was there too, but no, no, no. Hisashi can't break the rules xD Also a little bonus

[TV] HTB Ichimon Morning Interview (2018.03.14)

We will try to provide a translation in the short term >< For an HD version follow this link. (Warning: might display porn adds)

[Rare video] MiniSta 2011.06.03

  This is a very rare video obtained by the help of YL members paku, ukoziak and soshified.com MiniSta, the pre-show interview, on the day she performed HELLO for the first time on Music Station.   She looked so cute and happy that day~ The...