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YUI LOCKS! BACK AGAIN (2010.08.16) — Translated report!

8/16??YUI?? "YUI sound" Translated by warapyon and kikicchi ??????????????????????? ???YUI LOCKS!?????????????????? Nyan. Nyan. Toshiko is meowing. Probably because we're feeding him, the YUI LOCKS! cat. Him name is Toshiko. ????????? ???????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????? (YUI??????????????????????????????) Toshiko's favorite phrase! What kind of phrase it will be, all pupils have sent them to us! Today let's...

yui at FM Fukuoka 50th Anniversary Special (2020.05.31)

FM FUKUOKA 50th Anniversary Special ?????????

AIR-G LUV TRACKS and FM Northwave GoGo Radio

yui went to Hokkaido to promote FLOWER FLOWER's upcoming tour and paid a visit to two radio stations. AIR-G LUV TRACKS 2019.09.11 https://youtu.be/QpJJazOQHcI Thanks to FLOWER FLOWER yui Korean for the recording https://m.blog.naver.com/12jini/221646820549 yui's LUV TRACK is?My Bad / Kharid? She said to love the song...

[Radio] AIR-G IMAREAL Interview (2018.03.15)

???????GUESTZONE? FLOWER FLOWER yui???Gt&Vo??? ?????????????????? ??????(^o^)?

YUI LOCKS! BACK AGAIN (2010.09.13) — Translated report

My foremost wish is to pass the exam so I study and work hard to help the to of them. I'll give my best. It's nurse university, so they told me that doing both things will be really hard, but I'll persist in order to help them

YUI LOCKS! BACK AGAIN (2010.08.30) — Translated report

Translations by Kikino 8/30???????????? Summer Edition? 8/30?"Paper plane diary Summer Edition" 8?9???????????????????????????????????? ?????????? Summer Edition????????????????????!!? ???????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? Talked on the phone with him on Aug 9th, the "realization journal" from ?Arashi?kun have arrived. For Paper plane diary Summer Edition "I'll invite the person I like to the...