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Radio shows, comments, interviews, live performances.

[Radio] FLOWER FLOWER at FM Iwate “You Can Radio” (2020.04.13)

In this episode yui says that they wanted to do things they didn't do before, so doing a "feat." song seemed like a good idea.

YUI LOCKS! BACK AGAIN (2010.08.16) — Translated report!

8/16??YUI?? "YUI sound" Translated by warapyon and kikicchi ??????????????????????? ???YUI LOCKS!?????????????????? Nyan. Nyan. Toshiko is meowing. Probably because we're feeding him, the YUI LOCKS! cat. Him name is Toshiko. ????????? ???????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????? (YUI??????????????????????????????) Toshiko's favorite phrase! What kind of phrase it will be, all pupils have sent them to us! Today let's...

YUI LOCKS 2006.10.26 — Paper Plane Diary

YUI introduces a regular section of her radio how: "Paper Plane Diary" where fans could send their plans for the future, and after a time they will report when they have achieved their goals.

[Radio] Tokyo FM Dear Friends — Interview (2018.04.09)

In this show yui and mafumafu talk about how the band was formed and their song making process.

[Radio Interview] J-Wave GROOVELINE (2018.03.12)

On this show they introduced "Powerful" and "Ubugoe" J-Wave GROOVELINE (2018.03.12) --