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If you know japanes you'll enjoy this show. If not... you'll love it anyway!

YUI RADIO – Vol.33 (English Translation)

https://youtu.be/8q_VsbefvAg 2008/04/09 45:17 ????It's all right,sky line,OH YEAHYUI?M?????????????????Live????  YUI???????????????????????????????????  YUI??????????????????????????  YUI??????????????????????  ??????  ??It's...

[Radio] FM NORTHWAVE XROSS JAM – Guest: yui

Radio show just aired an interview with yui!!! How long has it been?? She went to Hokkaido to promote the release of FLOWER FLOWER's upcoming album "Spotllight" They also aired the promotional song that will be available as a digital single,...

YUI LOCKS! BACK AGAIN (2010.09.20) — Translated Report (Completed!)

9/20??????????? 9.20 Before closing the school temporaly, current thoughts. Translation: Kikino, NorthernLight & MrSean An email about makkana buruu... have arrived!!! It was uploaded to the site~. (Last week's Wednesday, Thursday in Nagoya Century Hall, to all the pupils who attended, thank you very...

YUI @ ROCK KIDS 802 (2010.07.07) — Tanabata talk

YUI came over carrying her new album in her hands. To everyone who joined the postcards project, thank you very much. We received postcards from the listeners, they looked like a starry sky in the studio.

YUI Radio vol.46 — ?es.car? & ?Parade? preview!

Finally YUI radio is back! This time YUI and Shige-chan introduced two new songs of "HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN" es.car and Parade. http://www.sonymusic.co.jp/Music/Info/yui-net/radio/player/ Go to the forum to get some *cough* downloable content *cough* Congratulations to Thierry for his feature in the show!...

yuppii radio #1 (2010.05.15) – Tonight preview

YUI is too busy with recordings so yuppi had to drop by and help :D A short clip with Tonight preview. This time is the intro part. http://www.sonymusic.co.jp/Music/Info/yui-net/radio/ Click the little smiley and it will send you to the secret player. For a...