Cruising ~HOW CRAZY YOUR LOVE~ DVD & Blu-ray March 28th Release!



YUI’s concert at Nippon Budokan, held on January 19th for her 5th Tour ?Cruising ?HOW CRAZY YOUR LOVE?? will be released on March 28th on DVD and Blu-ray editions.

The concept of this tour was “Visiting places that YUI haven’t been to before” We have received a lot of popularity thanks to the cheers from the fans all over the country.
As for the last part of the recording for the Budokan live, the famous song “TOKYO”, which was written by YUI before she moved to Tokyo and described how she felt at that time, there will be a glimpse of the scene of YUI crying while singing that song aloud, and is definitely a must-see for the fans.

From the day that Budokan performance ended, we got a lot of messages from people in Asia saying “Will YUI crying on stage be released? We want you to include this on a DVD” So we hurried to release this work.
I want people who wasn’t able to come, to see this by all means.

– Icchy


The cover art is absolutely beautiful!~?

DVD Cover

The DVD will have a limited press edition that will include a special sleeve and a booklet.

Blu-ray edition will include the same special booklet from limited DVD!


Preorders are already available at CD Japan and Yesasia



Thank you My teens and HOTEL HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN are also being re-released in Blu-ray format!!


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