FLOWER FLOWER Announces Countrywide Tour for 2018


In their last live concert on December 25th, FLOWER FLOWER announced they will hold a country wide tour for the next year.
In adition, they performed “Coffee” an unreleased song, and yet another new song called “Nichijou” that will be published in the future.

Inko no “have a nice day” Tour

2018.3.25 Osaka?Osaka Castle Concert Hall
2018.4.1 Tokyo?Hibiya Outdoor Great Dance Room
2018.4.10 Fukuoka?DRUM LOGOS
2018.4.16 Tokyo?Zepp Tokyo
2018.4.19 Aichi?Zepp Nagoya
2018.4.23 Osaka?Zepp Osaka Bayside
2018.4.26 Hokkaido?Zepp Sapporo
2018.4.30 Miyagi?Sendai PIT