FLOWER FLOWER released an iPhone app (Japanese Citizens only).

Still ot sure if the android version has the same block. Edit: Yeeep

Edit 2: android app can be installed, visit the forum to download the app!


Here are some screenshots of the glorious app.

S__11714613 S__11714614 S__11714615

Looking at this I noticed it’s been more than a month since the last diary update. And the album was not even announced back then. Mafu mafu and Murajun have talked about it on twitter… But what’s happening to yui?? Is she so ill that she can’t even write a blog entry? I’m so worried…

S__11714616 S__11714617 S__11714618

“Live” section is also sad. Only shows the concert that was cancelled.

S__11714619 S__11714620 S__11714621
Bio section doesn’t even have a picture…

S__11714630 Looks like the app was in development since April o _o

What do you think? Rate the app here:!

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