FLOWER FLOWER’s 1st Album???11/26 Release Details!



HOORAY!  FLOWER FLOWER’s Official site has finally released details on the upcoming album!!!

Limited Edition DVD features footage that is (most probably) from 2013’s Inko no Mure Tour at Shibuya CLUB QUATTRO.

Also, a new song will be available for digital download every week from Oct 29th till Nov 26th starting with “???????” (Toumei na Uta). This would mean there would be about 5 songs that will be digitally released before the album releases.
(……Unfortunately for us foreigner fans…this is probably only available for Japan…again T__T BUT AT LEAST THERE’S A CD ALBUM RELEASE !!! ^^ ) 

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FLOWER FLOWER’s Official Site

1st album?????????(Mi)



?.?? (Negai)
?.???????(Kamisama / God)
?.?? (Kuuki)
?.??????? (Toumei na Uta)
?.???????? (Ohayou no Kiss wo) (Formerly known as Nami no Uta)
?.?? (Suiteki)
?.?????????????????????24?????? OF THE DEAD???????????(Subarashi Sekai / Wonderful World)
?.???? (Seki wo Tatsu)
?.??? (Hikari / Light)
??.????? (Kimi no Koto)
??.??????? (Start Line)
??.??????au TVCM????(Tsuki / Moon)
??.????(Bye Bye)
????SRCL8499??3,000?+??Normal Edition
 ????????SRCL8497-8??3,500?+??Limited Edition


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