FLOWER FLOWER’s new song “?” (Moon) to be featured in au PERFECT SYNC. / REAL campaign


au’s PERFECT SYNC. / REAL campaign TV commercial of FLOWER FLOWER’s performance will start airing on June 28th


This commercial  will feature a new concept of concert where you can use your smartphone. It was conducted at Ryougoku Hall of Sumo on June 11th. That day, 2000 people participated bringing their own cellphones. FLOWER FLOWER’s 4 members, leaded by yui, performed their tie-up song “Tsuki” (Moon), for the first time on a center stage of 360 degrees. Furthermore the new song “tsuki” was composed based on the CM concept ??????????(don’t wanna try lol)

A hologram of yui disappearing in an instant, projection mappings of sumo wrestlers, an app for exclusive use at the venue,illumination production and more. A fusion between music and the latest technology is presented in the CM so even if you are not fan of the band please do watch it.

It’s been confirmed that the song “Tsuki” will be released on July 3rd. The format is not clear but it’s most likely a digital release. Natalie also reports that the promotional cover was painted by yui herself.

news_large_FLOWER_FLOWER_JK Tsuki cover

Making of the video here:

I’m worried about it, because if overseas fans have no access to it (i.e. through iTunes) IT WILL BE PIRATED EVERYWHERE.

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