Hisashi Kondo Dokutsubo (2011.07.07) — 1213 Tanabata


1213. ??
1213. Tanabata

Translated by kicchan

Today in the morning
we took the bullet train to Sendai.

we took a rental car when we entered Miyagi prefecture,
and went to meet everyone
at a junior school, middle school and high shool.

Singing together,
Being encouraged by the principal

There was nothing in particular,
it was just a regular visit.

I think there will be an official report in the future
you will see the details there…

Thank you very much.


That’s all

Bond tanabata!!
really thank you very much.


Black dog explained this Bond ? concept to me:

? (Kizuna) it’s about the connection between people.
People are connected by a bond (?) that can not be cut off.
That is sympathy, fellowship, love, affection…
You are not alone by any means.
You are connected with people throughout the entire world.
This is the thought this word conceals.

By example, YUI LOVER.
YUI is the foundation of our connection with people in the whole world.

In the earthquake they lost their homes, their families, they lost everything and mourn for it.
She wants to tell them this:

“You are not alone. We are connected with this bond.
I want to save you.
I want to root for you.
That’s why I will do what I’m able to do.”

Those who are wise, give wisdom
Those who are strong, give strength
Those who have money, give money.
Those who say “I have nothing”, give courage to others.

What YUI can do is this. To deliver her songs to the people affected by the disaster.
And so she did

I think it’s wonderful

T_T awesome


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