Interview report on RO69 (2010.07.09)


We went to cover YUI’s new album.

7?14???????2?3??????????HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN???
The album ?HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN? to be released on July 14th, after 2 years and 3 months, It’s a work wich melts together relaxing and tender music.

In the title, like in her 3 previous albums, can be felt the inclusion of a clear strong message.
In the interview YUI said “I want to make a summer-like album!”
She told us that she made it from that simple impulse.
From the beginning to this album there is a big difference.
The sounds included goes from bossa nova to gospel, it’s very fresh.
How was she able to make such a work?
Having a pleasant time and making us feel confused
YUI talked with us with fully loaded sayings.
YUI said “I love service areas“, “I often go to visit service areas in my life”
She used, those peculiar expressions refering to herself.

The pictures were taken in a simple white space
While writting something on a notebook or lying down on a desk,
It became a cute and beautiful thing so please look forward to it.

Source: RO69

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