Hong Kong Press welcomes YUI in Unexpected Way


May 15th. Singer Jason Chan is commissioned to say a couple of words in Japanese to greet YUI in the press conference… But!

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Source: i-CABLE
Translated by Gotchi and GC

YUI “Hello everyone, I am YUI desu yoroshiku onegaishimasu”
Someone: Yes let’s applause!

Japanese singer-songwriter YUI is in Hong Kong to hold a conference for her upcoming concert in June. The casually dressed YUI is cute and adorable. As the Hong Kong representative, Jason Chan gave YUI a bouquet of flowers but with his Japanese not being so good, Jason made an embarrassing mistake.
*Goes on with his speech*

Jason (speaking Japanese): I am Jason-desu. Hong Kong welcomes you. YUI …wa…ki-ra-aii?…ki–rai… (I hate YUI)

Conference audience: Ah! Laughs…

Jason: kirei!! Aishiteru (beautiful!! I love you)

Reporter: As well as giving her flowers, you also said a few sweet words to make her happy.
Jason: Yes I did and unfortunately, I spoke it wrong as well.
Reporter: Do you know what you said wrong?
Jason: Yes, I know! I’m aware of it now!
Reporter: Kirai and kirei is different.
Jason: Kirei is…
Jaosn + Reporter: Beautiful.
Jason: Kirai is dislike…
Jason + Reporter: Hateful.
Jason: Very, very worried. After saying it I feel worried. I went back in and spoke to her about it. I feel really embarrassed now. At first I didn’t know what I had said.
Reporter: And you said it with such confidence.
Jason: *Sigh* Very sad.

Reporter: Afterwards, YUI made an appearance at Maritime Square Mall where many fans have lined up early in the day to get good seats. And 10 people were selected to perform on stage for YUI to see where she could feel Hong Kong’s enthusiasm . After entertaining the fans with games, YUI performs well know songs, singing along together with fans creating an emotional atmosphere.

YUI performs Good-bye days and sing “la la la” with fans.

Reporter with frames:  ….(speaks a bit too fast for me to catch) To all the fans that made it? (something) singing together really proves that music truly has no boundaries!



That was pretty funny…. xD