HOTEL HITS Osaka Report! (2010.10.01)


Report made by the lucky MonkOfWar

The set list was nearly identical to the Ichihara report written elsewhere. Unforunately I can’t tell you the content of the MC parts…. The YUI fans were mostly high school age kids, mostly wearing HITS tour t-shirts or bearing the towel. There was someone wearing a third tour ILY t-shirt, which was better designed than the HITS one.

Before the concert started, there was a continuous animation of a sunny day on a mountainside as seen through window panes. The stage was like the inside of a log cabin, with an artificial stairs on the left and couch + fake fireplace on the right.

When the lights went out, the screen animation changed to that of a dark thunderstorm. The audience rose and cheered as the band members came in through the stage side doors. Lastly, YUI made her appearance at the top of the moveable stairs!!!!

1st song. again
?nd Song?Rolling star
?rd Song?It’s all too much

These were played one after the other without stop. Everyone was standing and clapping along the songs. YUI was using her 2 colour sunburst Stratocaster for these.

First MC – sorry can’t tell what she was saying….

?th Song?Laugh away
?th Song?Parade

YUI picked up her Martin acoustic for these. As far as I can remember YUI at this point asked everyone to sit. Of course, in this interval folks were calling out YUI and the band members by name. For Parade, the tv screens showed Osaka’s streets. Must have been the area outside Osaka – Umeda stations.

Band members introduction – again, I can’t tell the exact script.

?th Song?Cinnamon
7th Song?Please Stay With Me

Somewhere here there must have been the phone skit. Don’t know what it was about, but I don’t think it was Sony boss like in Ichihara.

Continues under the cut

?th song?How crazy
?th song?Love is all

Unusually, How Crazy was done in a jazz or club house like style. Mai Mai the drummer was sitting on and beating a cajón for this. [name of instrument kindly provided by Kikino. Mai Mai used this a second time, but can’t remember for which song]


I think YUI at this point was asking where everyone comes from. I would have liked to shout ?????Eikoku for UK – but didn’t want to scream myself hoarse from such a distance.

??th song?TOKYO

Although Life was the first song I heard from YUI, this is my ultimate favourite song from the first album. Of course I adore four other songs from there, but was appreciative that even though only one From Me to You track was played, Tokyo was chosen for HITS tour.

The time arose for the random song to be chosen. YUI missed the roulette board twice since it wasn’t a dart, but a sticky ball she was throwing. Third time, Kiss Me was chosen. From now on, YUI was on the big screen. Before that I could only see her figure but not face from where I was sitting/standing.

??st Song?Kiss Me

After Kiss Me, there were some fans who shouted that their birthday was today or the next day. So, YUI played just the opening four lines ‘Happy Birthday to You You’! If I remember correctly, she played Kiss Me, Happy Birthday to you you with the Fender Thinline Telecaster. Can’t really recall though, if she switched over to the Jaguar for Never Say Die or

??nd Song Never say die – this is when she picked up her Fender Jaguar. We all stood up again to clap along.

There must have been an MC over here to introduce the coming video projection….

??rd Song?

One of my favourite songs from HITS. Kuro chan’s intro sequence for the opening riff totally ruled. The choreography video, which resembles a traffic cop like dance, was shown whenever YUI reached the part that goes ?????????????YUI put down her e-guitar when ???????????????????????? came up so she could join in the dance. This was repeated three times before the keyboard solo by Arisa commenced.

??th Song?I do it
??th song?Tonight

MC?- Don’t know what was said here!
It may have been this announcement, when YUI disclosed whose named HITS keychain [of the four members] sold the most this time round. The honour went to Backy, at 32 sold!

16th Song?Shake My Heart

Another cute song here. Just like everywhere else, lyrics text for ‘Shake my heart yeah, shake your hear baby!’ were projected on the screen. Following this, YUI and the band members departed the stage after bowing.

Audience knew this couldn’t be the end, so they kept up a steady beat of clapping to spur on her reappearance….

17th Song?to Mother

YUI was on the keyboard. Bless her, she got the words wrong in the first paragraph of the song, becoz some words from the third paragraph ??????????????ended up replacing ????????????!

18th Song Driving Happy Life

The tv screen showed her driving a VW convertible pretty slowly along the Shichirigahama coastline [where Taiyou no Uta was filmed] with Enoshima in the distance.

19th Song GLORIA

20th Song Good-bye days

Just like previously, YUI went away from the mic after the first or second paragraph of this sone to sing raw. Gods, the hall was dead silent apart from the singer! Very powerful voice becoz I could hear it from my position!

When YUI was taking a bow and exiting stage, the music track being played was the same as the end of the My Short Stories limited edition DVD of the third tour’s ending.

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