Information about the “yet not announced” Live Tour DVD


Several people have asked about the possibility of a Live Tour DVD to Hisashi Kondo in his group.
These are two replies he have written recently.


I certainly want it to be released too,
so I will ask for it, okay?
But if it turns to be the special content of an album…
I’m sorry to say I have no power if that happens…


There were cameras and
one time, a sound recording was made too.
But it looks like it hasn’t been decided yet.
Since the last time, Budokan was never released after all
To be honest…
But I also want it to be released this time. I agree on that.
I only can give you this answer.
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu ok?
Thank you.

So it looks like, once more, we have Hisashi on our side. What else can we do do make this happen?
Let’s share our thoughts in the forum