Inko no “Have a Nice Day” Great Finale — Zepp Tokyo


Inko no “Have a Nice Day” Additional Performance
Zepp Tokyo

1.? (Inochi)
2.???? (Powerful)
3.???? (Mannequin)
4.???? (Coffee)
5.??? (Ice)
6.??????? (Toumeina uta)
7.?? (Chizu)
8.?? (Kamisama)
9.?????? (Anata to Taiyou)
10.?? (Ubugoe)
11.??????? (Startline)
12.? (Tsuki)
13.?? (Odori)
14.?? (Tokei)
15.???? (Bye bye)
16.??? (Hikari)
17.???? (Chiisana mado)

Rolling Star (Only a bit)
??????? (Subarashii sekai)
? (Hono)

This time they performed a very different version of “Bye bye”
During the encore yui started playing Rolling star out of the blue, and even the band members were taken by surprise.

During the mc yui started talking about many things:
yui: “I heard Aqua Timez is gonna disband…”
Audience: “Please don’t disband!”
yui: “Well, there are people who are able to restart their careers from scratch… I’m talking from experience! It’s been fun! It will be fun for them too!”

mafumafu said: “I thought we decided not to do any MC’s this time”
yui: Yeaah, but I just can’t. It’s suffocating!”

The concert was properly filmed, so chances are we will see at least some of it on TV or maybe a DVD/bluray release.