Inko no Kimagure – Live Stream Concert (2020.06.14)


Inko no Kimagure 2020.06.14
Live stream concert


1. Ningyo
2. Sunahama
3. Futari
4. Ai no uta
5. Atsui aitsu
6. Kamisama -bossa ver.
7. Yume
8. Ben
9. Tabi no tochuu
10. Subarashii sekai

Both Mafumafu and the official FF twitter account said that they are planning to release this concert for international fans, so we will just post pitures for now~
yui played guitar, the slide whistle and also a keytar! She said that during the social distancing period she has been watching the american show “Bones” and that she thought the PS5 presentation was interesting. She also mentioned she has gained weight despite doing excercise, but most poeple in the chat pointed out that murajun’s weight gains were more noticeable (lol).
About 2700 people watched the live stream.