Kamakura: Taiyou no Uta Tour (Part 1)



Unfortunately, YUI-Lover TV broadcast was not possible due to technical difficulties, but Cyclo and Jun made a complete report of their trip.

#0: Getting there
#1: Outside Kamakura Station*
#2: Shotengai and Hachimangu Shrine

* – Taiyou no Uta filming locations

#0: Getting there

We are two YUI fans living in Tokyo, and today we’ve decided to take some YUI-Lovers on a tour around Kamakura, the filming location of Taiyou no Uta. On the left is Jun, and on the right is me (better known as cyclo)

We meet at Hachiko Statue in Shibuya (Hachiko deserves like an entire post itself but for now I’m just gonna leave a wiki link. If you don’t know where Shibuya is, you should really find that out!) at 9am, and begin the long journey to Kamakura.

We transfer at Yokohama, the city which Kaoru’s boyfriend took her to, but didn’t spend any time there. Saving it for another day ;)

I swear the only reason I took those photos was to highlight how Japanese girls compete to show more skin even though it’s @*%&(@ cold.

A little over an hour later, we finally arrive at Kamakura. (Jun lives more than an hour away from Shibuya, so this makes his total journey like 2.5 hours xD)

And we start the livestream! (Once again, apologies for not being able to do it over USTREAM. It wasn’t fast enough over 3G)

#1: Outside Kamakura Station

Recognise this place?

Clue #1

Clue #2

Clue #3…

If you still don’t know then you’re probably not a YUI-Lover!! (or go watch Goodbye Days PV again or better still, rewatch Taiyou no Uta :P)

#2: Shotengai and Hachimangu Shrine

While this section doesn’t have much to do with YUI, but might be interesting to read anyway!

We pass by a Shotengai (which just means Shopping Alley, and is very common all across Japan).

And stop for some dango!

I knew that Kamakura was famous for its shrines, but didn’t expect to see gates like these littered all across town…

We took a turn onto the main street and saw it decorated with lanterns…

They lead us to…

A scramble crossing! (Scramble crossings are common here in Japan, it’s when all the pedestrian lights will turn green at the same time and all the cars will stop, so you see people walking in all directions, the best example would be Shibuya’s Hachiko scramble crossing… sound familiar? )

But seriously xD It lead us to Hachimangu Shrine, Kamakura’s most important Shinto shrine.

The grounds are huge and very scenic. Jun says it was filled with flowers and animals like fish and tortoises in the Summer when he came last year.

A long walk in with some food stalls along the sides

Lots of nice traditional Japanese buildings

Some more elaborate than others

This is the main building

It’s a sunday so lots of people are here to pray

We enter for a closer look

Inside, people toss coins (usually 5 yen, because the way it is pronounced sounds like the same word for good destiny). I join in and show the viewers on Google Hangout how to go about making a wish at a Shinto Shrine. Kikino tells me to wish to bump into YUI along the way, which didn’t work. Maybe I should have tossed more than 5 yen or bow lower!

We head back down by a more quiet path

Pass the stalls again (Jun still holding on to his phone for the stream with bare hands even though its freeeezing. Please thank him properly!)

And its on to the next exciting location (Kamakura: Taiyou no Uta Tour (Part 2)!!

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