YUI Diary (2012.01.24) — Budokan!!



Translated by Hatsumichan

Konbanma. (A play on konbanwa “Good Evening”)

It’s YUI!!

Everyone, are you doing well?

A lot of words are messed up in this diary, but don’t mind them!

The Tokyo performance has ended, and feeling that the final part of the tour is coming near, I’m a sad YUI.

Budokan 2 days!!

It really was a very fun time!

To everyone who came, and to everyone who cheered for me, thank you very much!!

For Budokan, I thought to challenge it with full enthusiasm, so even during preparations, I was in high tension mode!

I took awesome pictures of our stylist, Datecchi, the makeup artist, Youji-san, and his assistant Azu-san.

It’s everyone with their matching parkas!

And this is the picture where they answered my call of “Do something!” that I threw out randomly! lol

Being surrounded by such kind staff members, the excitement for the live was also very good.

On the first day (the 18th), the live started with the announcement by Captain Lou.

It was a space where you could enjoy the atmosphere of cruising.

This being the third time at Budokan, I’m very happy that I can hold concerts at such a historical and famous place.

And since it is the final stage of the tour, the emotional attachment to it is also very strong.

I was also very touched by all the warmth from the audience!

This day, I was indebted to Oriental Radio’s Fujimori-san!

A live “kawaui~ne~!” (“cuute~!” in a kinda baby voice – Fujimori’s signature phrase) echoed throughout Budokan?

A lot of random moments that happened throughout the tour kept coming out, which surprised me.
(YUI uses the word “episode,” but it’s basically an occurrence that happened in a short period of time that left an impression. I will be using the word “moment”)

While Youji-san was humming “Separation”,
He accidentally mixed up the “Separation” part of the lyrics with “September.”

It was a wonderful moment. lol

In addition to that, snowball fights and sumo wrestling were very popular during the tour.

Our snowball fights were pretty serious, almost as much as real sports. lol

As for sumo wrestling, tour staff member, Watarucchi, and manager, Isshi, competed against each other, and after slipping and falling, Isshi got a huge bump on his head.

Everyone, when you’re sumo wrestling, please be sure to be careful not to injure yourself okay!

Besides that, there was a moment when Kuro-chan thought that there was a pile of snow, but when he tried jumping into it, it was really a guard rail.

And then also, being on a rice-less diet, but then giving into temptation and eating a gyutan (beef tongue) bento.

There were a lot of moments~!

And then, on this day, our manager, Fuku-chan, who is famous for his “Onyuu,” his wife gave birth without any complications, and so we all celebrated that together?


To everyone who was at the venue, to everyone who cheered for me, to Captain Lou, and to OriRaji’s Fujimori-san, thank you very much!!

On the second day (19th), the atmosphere of the audience was again, different, and it had the air of a “final” performance.

While I was doing the concert, there was this sentimental feeling of, “It’s gonna end~”

But everyone’s encouraging voices were very warm, and as I was being helped by the venue’s atmosphere, I was able to sing enjoyably until the very end?

On this day, I was indebted to Hannya’s Kawashima-san and Kaneda-san! (comedians)

Again, a lot of talk about things that happened during the tour came out.

There was this case where, while I was introducing the band members, I said “She’s a younger sister-like presence to me… He’s an older brother-like presence to me,” and before I knew it it became a popular phrase.

During the tour, it was used in many different places.

The one that hit me the most was, when we were in Hokkaido, Datecchi looked at the snow and said “It’s a freezing-like presence” and I thought it was really funny.

It’s not a noun anymore! But it’s not a verb either!
(????- kootteru is the verb “to freeze,” using ? – teki would normally make it an adverb, and then adding??? – sonzai would make it a noun, but basically all in all, it doesn’t make sense because he’s basically saying that something is “frozen” ???? (verb), with the *noun* phrase ???”tekisonzai” added at the end LOL – I hope you understood that xD)

and the more I thought about it, the more the inside of my head became all tangled up, and that feeling was nice!

Also, when we were going to take a group picture, in order to gather everyone together, the call was “We’re taking a group photo-like presence~”

“No, it’s not a group photo-like presence, it IS a GROUP PHOTO isn’t it?!!” or so some of you may want to retort huh?
(retort = “tsukkomi” – I don’t want to explain it again so if you want to know what it is in more detail, I explain it in one of the diaries somewhere…. lol)

Everyone, if you try to use it at least once I would like that-like presence?

Other than that, there was also the incident where Youji-san accidentally ate my Yuppi Noodles that I was saving to eat after the concert. lol

Youji-san was running around outside the dressing room while yelling “Yuppi~ Noo~dles~!!”
This was also a wonderful moment. lol

The two members of Hannya were very heartwarming, as the quickness of their retorts and the close feeling between the two of them came across really well.

They frequently said “Early to bed and early to rise,” and “YUI-chan-san” for me.

Hannya-san, thank you very much!!

The Tokyo performances have ended, and now the only place left is the Okinawa performance!

This time’s tour had the feelings of “I want to try going to places that I haven’t been to before” in it, and since I could go to so many new places, I was very happy.

And then, doing a live in Okinawa will also be a first, so I’m looking forward to it!!

By all means, please treat me favorably.

Well then, well then. Looking forward to Okinawa Adieu~.



My dream two-shot with Lou-san!!

I will never forget “Yabu kara SUTIKKU” and “Chicken Skin”!! lol
(These two phrases are both known as parts of “Lou’s language.” “Yabu kara SUTIKKU” is a play on the Japanese idiom “Yabu kara bou” (From a bush, comes a stick) which basically means that without any stimulation, someone suddenly starts doing something. “Bou” means “stick,” so Lou-san just changed the word to English.
“Chicken Skin” literally translated into Japanese is “Torihada” – which actually means “goosebumps” or to “have your hair stand on end,” so that’s the play on words there.)

And then, during the concert, I looked over towards our roadie (road manager – in charge of transport and effects), Attsuttsu, and he had become a horse, which surprised me!


dewa dewa, let’s be Happy-chan’s tomorrow too~?

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