Kamisama — Mafumafu and Murajun Comments



?? mafumafu
Kamisama (God)

Translation Leo and Jeff.

For this song we chose the chord progression, then while repeating the session, wondered if there was anything in the phrase that would perhaps become the theme.

In the early days, I was playing slap, with a kind of Red Hot Chili Peppers feel.
Do’ suke su pe’ pe’ !! sort of thing (lol) [onomatopoeic rhythm pattern]
It was probably the thing that I was into at the time.

If I was to say that ‘I’ll go with slap’ the idea would have been put down without anyone knowing.
However, it was a relic left over of the time and occasionally it sounded like slap-pull.
Thanks to engineer Uni-san’s (aka Unisshi) sound mixing
it became the sound of a powerful pull.

?????????2?????FLOWER FLOWER????????
Together with the phrase of the theme from mura?jun, in the ending we unite in a unison battle.
One-day, yui also joined in the unison battle.
Then we all really came together (like street fighter 2) in a FLOWER FLOWER unison festival.

After all, getting together makes you feel good ! !

Oh, in the middle where the scenery changes, I personally feel like God has descended from the sky and it feels great.

Wow, what a cool song.



?? mura?jun
Kamisama (God)

It was one of the fairly early sessions.

I had in mind,
the passion of a guitarist,
I think I wanted to use that feeling when I came up with this riff. lol

The piano is compressed and heavily distorted.

Finally I persisted in playing unbelievably fast!!
Sort of.

Normally keyboardists seem a bit drab but,
I think I want to destroy that image with this song.

Although the recording was fun,
please watch the “God” like energy of the live performance on the DVD.