Lismo! Music Interview


Translated by Kikino and pandas who read this scare me

– The Tour ended safely at Budokan the other day. Do you feel like taking a rest?

YUI: Thanks to everyone’s help I was able to have a lot of fun. Really, thank you very much.

– Let’s talk about Budokan on another time, I want you to tell us about your new single. Right after the Tour ended, a Single was released suddenly, and this time is rock. Your previous work ?to Mother? had a lovely and calm sensation. But, as I thought, rock siuts you too.

YUI: Thank you very much, I’m happy when people tell me that.

– The lyric content is “A lover who wont come on Christmas, such painful emotion”, the power to snap out of those feelings is described right? What kind of object is included to describe those thoughts?

YUI: I think that it often happens that when it starts raining suddenly, you don’t have an umbrella.

– That’s an object that represents painful feelings. (not sure)

YUI: Yes. But, I can’t take shelter from rain. So, I accept the fact that I don’t have an umbrella, I need to advance in the rain. I wrote this song imagining such feelings.

– I see. To recognize the truth, and then advance one step forward with courage, am I right?

YUI: I think there are many truths. Not everybody is happy at a place where people meets to have fun, on the contrary, some could be looking for delight in the middle of sorrow.

It’s because for a person who is looking for something, a thing can have various meanings right? (not sure)

YUI: And after that, by example, for this song, taking how special christmas days are as a start, I wanted to convey my feelings clrearly. Talking about the search for truth. This time the emotions can be found in the underlying story of the song.

– Again, This song was used as theme song for CX’s Perfect Report drama. Talking about the tie-up, was this song made specially for it?

YUI: Yes. I had to read the script, and I made it being aware of it.

– As for coupling song “a room”, I think it describes an impressive scenery out of something ordinary.

YUI: I wanted to make a song about a conversation of unintentional arguments on an ordinary commonplace.

– Right, The lyrics feel really “familar”!

YUI: Also, the theme is “a trivial disagreement”. I wanted to try and write about it for this song. So I did.

– It’s usual for you to make an acoustic self cover, this time it was “How Crazy” For what reason did you chose this song?

YUI: To tell the truth, it’s a song that I wanted to make an acoustic version of from a long time. We tried it on this Tour, thats why we went with it.

– I see, this year you had a great Tour right?. And the finale was held in Budokan on November 2nd. Now, looking back, what kind of Tour do you think it was?

YUI: I had all kinds of encounters, I’m happy. I received so much strenght from everybody at the venues, To everybody in the country, thank you very much!

– Besides the Tour, you also joined summer festivals, it gives the impression that this year you digested lives aggressively, what kind of spaces do lives represent to you?

YUI: Uhm, “Communitation” maybe?

– As I thought, its because the only place that you can tansmit feelings is live right? It feels like artists and fans come together as a tradition right? Well then, please say a final mesage to all your fans.

YUI: Thank you for always supporting me. I’m filled with grateful feelings! Althougth there is just a few days left, let’s have fun this year.