Yesterday, M-ON! MONTHLY ICON YUI aired in Japan. The broadcast features a 50 min talk and interview session with YUI-san. The interview covers YUI’s recent activities overseas and also discusses her new album “HOW CRAZY YOUR LOVE.”

Please excuse my rough translations, they may be wrong, I’m summarizing with my limited Japanese. Feel free to join the forum to help with translations!]

The first half of the interview discusses her time spent overseas in Hong Kong and Shanghai. A lot of the Hong Kong footage is re-used from M-ON!’s recent broadcast of her Hong Kong concert. Footage can be also found on the Limited Edition HOW CRAZY YOUR LOVE CD+DVD which features the full-length YUI LIVE 2011 HONG KONG HOTEL HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN concert that was held on June 26, 2011.

YUI speaks about her first time arriving in Hong Kong (Maritime Mall and performing street live at Avenue of the Stars in Hong Kong) and taking a double decker bus through the city. The interviewer also speaks with her about the Hong Kong neon/sign boards being very close and YUI comments on how she felt like she could touch them but of course she had to be careful. *rough idea of what they talked about* They talk about the concert as well and mentions the Hong Kong MC and how they all welcomed her warmly. She also mentions about the encore part.

Moving onto Shanghai, YUI is seen going to Xin Tian Di to perform a street live. She also speaks a little Chinese saying: “Qing Duo duo guan zhao” which may be equivalent to “yoroshiku onegaishimasu” in Japanese so “Please look after me/Please take care of everything.”

The video footage also features the Shanghai fans speaking words of support to YUI too. One Chinese girl gets to speak a short Japanese message to the camera haha. There are a lot of photos of YUI walking through popular tourist locations in Shanghai. She visits The Bund and takes photos across from Pu Dong. As YUI walks along The Bund she mentions how it feels like Europe. (YUI so observant! The Bund’s architecture style is art deco/neo classical/art nouveau. Shanghai is China’s earliest major trading port hence a lot of Western/European influences–my history lesson done here)

YUI is amazed by the lights of the cosmopolitan city and notes the LED lit cruise boat that passes along and says it’s cute.

Next they feature her Jiu Jiang mall performance and her secret appearance at the Shanghai Japan Week 2011.

YUI is also seen reading people’s supportive messages for Japan. YUI is touched by the people’s feelings and messages as leaves her own message in a book thanking everyone for their support for Japan.

Throughout the interview, YUI’s new album HOW CRAZY YOUR LOVE is played and the interviewer asks YUI about a couple of the songs she’s written. They also featured a short landscape video sequence for the short interlude song with the lyrics to “Good night.” The interviewer and YUI talk about how she really wanted to put the feelings to create such an image.

They move onto talking about “Green a.live” and how it is placed as the last song in the album. YUI spends a lot of time discussing about the song and Japan. She mentions the time she spent in Miyagi with the students and speaks a lot about the feelings she puts into the song and how she wants to convey the message to people to continue striving for their dreams.

There’s a bit more after this but I’ll leave it at that.

Thank you M-ON! TV for featuring YUI ! Great interview~


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