MaiMai Blog (2010.11.21) & e.u Band Penalty Game


MaiMai blog 2010-11-21

Translated by azmikun


Release day has get closed!

Release in 2010-11-24 (maybe maimai doesn’t know that release day has changed to 22nd XD )



I was received honor to play drum.
And I participated in the MV!
then in the jacket (CD jacket)!?

I participated in Jacket too.


And then, Starts from release day in YUI-net, my special corner has made for limited period,,!

This is because support from all of you!

Thank you very much?

And then, while busy with work, I can’t even match to YUI and YUI’s staff. (not sure @@)

Thank you very much!
Please always support from now on!!!

Monday, 22 November!
Monday! Penalty GAME will be open in Shinjuku Tower Record from 1 p.m~2.30 p.m! always worrying

are all of you healthy?…
are all of you don’t catch cold?…
are all of you happy?…

are they not feel lonely with just 3 people?…
I’m feeling lonely…
And because of that….

Details are avalaible in (YUI’s official website)!!

Let’s go!!
Let’s enjoy!!

From YUI-net (the penalty game XD)
This is something related to General Election during Hotel HITS tour

???1?????MaiMai???New Single?Rain???????????????????????????????????
The magnificent, shining ranking 1 MaiMai will have authority to appear in Rain New Single’s Jacket + Special site development as present?
The special site, will developt starts from (Rain) release day
And, the other 3 members who didn’t become ranking 1 is…
Will become over-the-counter sales and help in CD Shop for New Single Rain!!
Are they will working well? so everyone please check it.

????2010/11/22(?) 13:00?14:30
????????????????7F YUI?Rain?????
[date & time] 2010/11/22(monday) 13:00?14:30
[shop] Tower Record Shinjuku 7F YUI [Rain] Selling place.
[Subject] In Tower Record Shinjuku 7F BACKY?96????ARISA, three of them will standing and helping (sell the CD) randomly.
?There are no “shake hand” and “sign” meeting, they are just helping as over-the-counter sales.


– Band member work as shop assistant just for little time (not forever XD)
For product details enquiry please ask shop assistant in Shinjuku Tower Records
– Taking photo, taking video, record anything are prohibited! :what
– Fan letter or present are prohibited! :what
– Because this isn’t an event please no sit-in (protest) because will trouble another customer.
– Mass media is OK.

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