natalie power push — “Mi” Album Review


cosa de power push

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An extract of the more important was translated by Spring-san:

Since the singer song writer “yui”, who was popular in the J-POP scene is one of the members, it cannot be helped but to compare them with her previous works.  Indeed, there are some songs that are reminiscent of her period as solo singer.  But, there are tow points that are definitely different from her previous works.  One is “definitely band-focused sound” and the other is “feeling of groove which can only be produced because they are comrades who eat from the same kettle”… The characteristics of the relationship that has been building up since they formed one year ago, the feeling of a band with its own personality, etc. are firmly expressed as a shape.  The late 90’s, to say moreover, the soundscape like UK rock after “OK computer”, the 3rd album of Radiohead, and the popularity which is characteristic of 00’s J-POP.  These were cooked by the “sound chefs” led by yui and the music was perfected “which seems to resemble something, but actually does not resemble anything.


The album is getting pretty kick-ass reviews everywhere ^_^

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