NEW ALBUM ??????? (Spotlight) March 14th Release!


NEW ALBUM ??????? (Spotlight) March 14th Release!

yui’s comment:
“We have completed a new album! I think we made something awesome! I had a great time working with my bandmates. I’m a bit nervous to know how everyone will percieve these songs, but I’ll be happy when the day comes and you hear it with your own ears!”

1.? (Inochi, Life)
2.???? (Powerful)
3.???? (Coffee)
4.?????? (Anata to taiyou, You and the Sun)
5.?? (Chizu, Map)
6.? (Chiri, Dust)
7.??? (Ice)
8.?? (Dance)
9.?? (Fubugoe, Baby’s First Cry)
10.?? (Tokei, Clock)
11.???? (Chiisana Mado, Little Window)
12.?? (Nichijou, Everyday Life)

Songs like “Powerful” and “Dance” were made in the early stages of FLOWER FLOWER’s formation, so they might sound familiar to fans who went to the secret lives at the beginning of their career.
It’s also worth noting that neither “Mannequin” nor “Drama” were included in the album.
Limited Edition will be CD+DVD in Digipack format with three sides and a 24 pages photo booklet. Priced at ?3,700.
Contents of the DVD will include footage of their christmas concert at Shibuya Club Quattro.

Tsutaya and Tower Records will offer a special bonus.

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