New single ?to Mother? is out!!


YUI’s new single ?to Mother? will be released on June 2nd.

YUI’s comment:

Recently I’ve had the opportunity to write rooting songs and such for other projects, but this time it is more something for myself, something I have carefully considered, and thought about writing.

????????????? ?????????????!!
This title’s literal translation “To Mother”, Mothers, of course, in a broad sense, as far as everyone listening is concerned, feel a “She’s great” kind of affection if you repeatedly listening.
I want you all to listen to it soon! please look forward to it!!


Preorders available on CD Japan!

YUI’s 16th single ?to Mother?
Lyrics and Music: YUI

1. to Mother
2. Tonight
3. GLORIA ?YUI Acoustic Version?
4. to Mother ?Instrumental?

Regular Edition

Limited Edition