Okawari Tour at Kanazawa EIGHT HALL (2018.09.19) – FINAL


Inko no Mure Okawari Tour at Kanazawa EIGHT HALL

1.? inochi
2.???? powerful
3.??? ice
4.???? coffee
5.?????? anata to taiyou
6.?? kamisama ~acoustic version~
7.?? takaramono 
8.?? ubugoe
9.? tsuki
10.?? odori
11.?? tokei
12.???? byebye
13.??? hikari
14.???? chiisana mado

Good-bye days
??????? subarashii sekai

Short summary thanks to yukou

The tracklist was similar to previous concerts. Today, yui announced her pregnancy again and she said that she will be back soon. When introducing murajun, yui introduced his name by saying “matsu jun again”.
yui: “You are getting fat, right? Yes, he is murajun the azarashi (earless seal). Getting fat, right? Are you pregnant too?”
Murajun: “It’s impossible. I could impregnate someone else instead, though.”

In other backtalk session, yui said that she ate omelet today, but she could not finish it off. And when she asked the other members, they said that they ate omelet and they did finish it off.

In the encore, the plan from the fans to shout “fuuu ra ta ta ta ta” was successful. yui said that that was an encore chant she never heard before.
Later, mafu mafu said that it looks like there will be many days off starting now, but not the real days off. Maybe there will be various things which will be released. yui also said that they will not do an intermission for too long.